Extraordinary! Prophet TB Joshua delivers woman from the spirit of ‘homosexuality’

T.B. Joshua

…I could not stop looking at her b*utt and admiring her

Prophet T.B. Joshua has delivered a 23 year old young woman from South Africa from her spiritual girlfriend. The woman says she has been making love with her spiritual wife which made her to start to look on women ‘differently’.

The young lady who has identified herself Mthombeni Nkhensani says in her testimony that she was possessed by what she describes as the spirit of homosexuality and same sex relations.

T.B. Joshua
Nkhensani: I started to look at women ‘differently’

She reportedly started liking fellow women rather than men.

“My name is Mthombeni Nkhensani and I’m 23 years old from South Africa. I normally had strange dreams where I would be making love with a woman. Physically, I would masturbate and I was starting to look on women ‘differently’. Last week, the urge became too much” confesses Nkhensani.

She further claims that she was delivered from her “spiritual wife” last Friday when she slept while watching Prophet T.B. Joshua’s official channel, Emmanuel TV.

“Then on Friday, I slept off whilst watching Emmanuel TV. I had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua gave me a prophecy. He said he was seeing me twice! He then prayed for me in the dream. Ever since then, the urge is no more! I have not had any dream of sleeping with my fellow women and the urge has disappeared” reads Nkhensani’s confession that she shared on Emanuel TV’s portal.

In another development, Patricia Mensah also shared her testimony claiming that she had also been delivered from the same spirit of being attracted to other women.

“Just a week after my wedding, I had a dream one night and saw a woman came and sleep with me. Since that incident, I had always seen myself having sexual intercourse with a woman in my dream. The peak of this was when I tried furthering my education. I was supposed to go and stay on the the campus of the university in order to write exams. One night on the campus, this woman came to sleep with me again in my dream” reads Mensah’s testimony.

“On the morning of that incident I went to the class and there was this lady in class that I was having a strong desire to have intercourse with. I could not stop looking at her b*utt and admiring her. At the same time I felt embarrassed. So, I went somewhere and prayed that God would help me not to do what I was feeling. Because of that incident, so much frustration followed and I ended up not completing the first semester”.

“However, one night I was sleeping with Emmanuel TV on when Prophet T. B was conducting mass prayer on the TV. Suddenly I was hearing in my dream: ‘Be delivered, in the name of Jesus!’ In that moment, I saw the prophet in my dream and he touched my forehead and I fell down. A week after that, I saw him in my dream a second time and he prayed for me again. This time, I vomited all kinds of substances in my dream”.

“Praise the Lord that since that incident, I have never seen any woman [and] try to have s”exual inter*course with me again in my dream! I feel so light” concludes Mensah.

In most African countries, homosexuality is considered an abomination that calls for prayers and spiritual deliverance. With such perceptions, considered being attracted to someone of the same gender as a sin. Nonetheless, there have been movements of activists across the continent calling for the decriminalization of same sex relations.