It’s illegal to conduct protests at Kamuzu Palace, HRDC told


The Lilongwe City Council (LCC) has told the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) that it is against the law to conduct vigils at Kamuzu Palace.

The council’s chief executive officer John Chome said this in response to a letter from HRDC notifying the council of the coalition’s intention to hold the demonstrations.

HRDC decided to march to State Houses across the country as Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah continues to defy calls for her to resign despite the coalition conducting several protests.

However, the Lilongwe City Council says the protesters cannot present their petition at Kamuzu Palace.

“We write to inform you that your peaceful demonstration that you intend to hold and deliver the petition at Kamuzu Palace has not been granted. Kamuzu Palace is a State Residence and therefore a protected area. The council would not allow you to demonstrate to the state residence in violation of section 103 of the Police Act,” Chome said in his letter.

On Monday, the HRDC said the demonstrations slated for Thursday are still on and the organisation will advise Malawians on routes.



  1. Please LCC teach them.They are savages.They do not know what they are doing.If you ask them that if Jane Ansa resigns whats next.Not even a single person will answer.I do not understand why CSOs choose un educated leaders.Jane Ansa is not resigning unless you demolish all the houses and roads in the centre.You will be renting our houses in the south.Did you see the peaceful demonstration that was done and led by Seodi White.Well educated people not a foreigner like mtambo.The days when you intimidated malawians during one party regime are gone. We are just watching you, Mtambo.You are burning houses for innocent people as if your house is in the planet.Watch out!

  2. You can not enter a state residence as it is a protected area the notices are at the first game, how ever areas outside it are fair game, people can match and line up on them, freedom of expression cannot be limited, I’d there’s a security concern police has to guarantee security, time there’s a security concern at the airport, police guarantees safety just for the travelled to exercise their freedom of movement, these rights are guaranteed and should be provided and if not police should provide the platform to ensure people can enjoy those rights

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