Major liar: Bushiri ‘makes’ man win a contract worthy more than the world’s total GDP

Prophet Bushiri

Quick Facts

  • The man claims Bushiri’s prophecy landed him over a $100 Trillion contract to build a city in Kenya
  • The whole world economy comprising of 193 economies, in 2019 is projected around $88 Trillion with China and USA claiming lion’s share
  • World’s Top 10 most expensive buildings including Abraj Al Bait, Marina Bay Sands and Emirates Palace have a total cost of $44 billion
  • The fake $100 Trillion contract cost would support Malawi’s annual budget of $2 billion for over 50 thousand years
  • The ‘miracle’ also catapults Kenya’s own annual budget of US$30 billion. Thus, the man can finance Kenya’s annual budget for 5 thousand years.
  • The project beats the US and UK’s combined annual budgets of US$4.8 trillion
  • Bushiri ‘becomes’ the world’s richest person from his spiritual son’s tithe

Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Alibaba’s should move over from the exclusive wealth club by paving way for Prophet Bushiri’s spiritual son who is now the World’s richest person, courtesy of none other than Major One, whose prophecy is said to have landed his spiritual son of Taifa International Mining and Industries a whopping $100 trillion project to develop and construct a city in Kenya.

Prophet Bushiri
Bushiri with World’s ‘new richest person’

A video of the man testifying in Bushiri’s church has currently gone viral on social media and WhatsApp in which the man speaks to hundreds of congregants at Bushiri’s ECG church in Pretoria where the man of God is facing possible jail term for fraud and money laundering.

Bushiri explains in the video that “after prophecy, the man is connected. We are talking about US$25 billion. And we are talking about USD$70 trillion” says Prophet Bushiri and is immediately cut short by his rich son saying:

“Major, if I can highlight that one, when the actual calculations were done in relationship to the cost benefit analysis, the actual amount after costing comes to 110 trillion 328 billion 26 million and 148 thousand 128 dollars (US$110.3 trillion),”

Then Bushiri goes on to explain after the jeering from his entertaining audience shouting on top of their voices that it is very demonic not to believe such a miracle.

“Going to hell is when such a miracle happens and you don’t believe,” shouted Bushiri after the testimony.

To put the ‘contract’ into perspective, the deal has turned the man into the world’s richest person, beating the worlds’ top 100 rich people combined.

As of June 2019, the total of five richest people towers at $480.5 Billion USD.

Excluding Bushiri’s spiritual son, the most exclusive wealth club world over has Jeff Bezos with his wealth estimated at $131 billion, Bernard Arnault at $107.6 billion. Microsoft’s Bill Gates is at third position with $96 billion. Warren Buffett and Calos Slim Helu complete the list with their $82.5 billion, and $64 billion respectively. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is estimated at 62.3 billion.

But even with their combined wealth, these world’s richest magnets can’t not dethrone Bushiri’s spiritual son whose company’s market value is said to be more than that of the world’s GDP.

World Bank estimates indicate that the nominal world GDP in 2017 was US$81 trillion. In 2018, the nominal world GDP was US$85 trillion and is projected to be $88 trillion in 2019.

Based on UN and IMF figures in 2018, the United States has the largest GDP in the world at $20.4 trillion (IMF) and $18.6 trillion (UN). The second-largest GDP is China’s at $14.1 trillion (IMF) and $11.2 trillion (UN).

However, the US has a population of 327 million, while China’s population is the highest in the world – a massive 1.42 billion (although despite the significant difference, the US also has the third-highest population in the world, behind India in second place with 1.35 billion.

Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom make up the rest of the top five countries with the largest GDPs at $5.1, $4.2 and $2.9 trillion respectively (based on IMF figures).

This means the man’s tithe (10%) profits from the 30% of $100 Trillion will make Bushiri and his church $300 billion richer, beating Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote with his $12 Billion.

The tithe will turn Bushiri into the world’s richest person, second only to his spiritual son.

The top 10 world’s richest companies are light years away from reaching the spiritual son’s Taifa International Mining and Industries company. Apple [was] the World’s richest company followed by Microsoft, with their market value estimated at US$943 billion and US$928 billion respectively.

Amazon and Google’s Alphabet are on third and fourth position with each company projected at $919.7 billion and US$859.3 billion. They are followed by Berkshire and Hathaway which completes the list of World’s 5 richest companies, or what was the 5 richest companies before Bushiri’s prophecy turned one man’s none existent company into the richest to have ever existed.

The construction of King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia at $95 billion also fails to catch up despite the Saudi city expected to be slightly larger than Washington D.C. and expected to house over 2 million residents.

Thel fake $100 Trillion contract cost would support Malawi’s annual budget for over 50 thousand years. As of 2018, Malawi’s annual budget was billed at $1.2 billion.

The project also catapults Kenya’s own annual project which is estimated at US$30 billion. Thus, the man can finance Kenya’s annual project for 5 thousand years. Ironically, Kenya is claimed in the clip to be behind the project.

With this evidence, several people are questioning the authenticity of Prophet Bushiri and branding the claim by his spritual son as fake news. Nonetheless, the ‘miracle’ continues to be celebrated by Bushiri’s stout followers.

In 2016, Bushiri also showed his congregation 3D impression of his multi-billion city that would have a mega ECG church, 5 Star hotel, university, Mall and other amnesties. Bushiri had then asked his congregation to make contributions which it is claimed was diverted to fund the pastor’s extravagant lifestyle which saw him buy a private jet for R16.5 million and hotel in Rustenburg for R31 million although he later lied that the hotel renovations costed him R1.5 billion.

Authorities in South Africa are said to be assessing how Bushiri spent people’s donations to support  the construction of the mega city.

Watch the full clip below:



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    As for this man who testified about this prophecy if you doubt so much why don’t you go and investigate him.. His company or the project itself if really it exist?

  2. If Bushiri is so rich, why can’t he invest in his own country Malawi? Is his riches having positive impact in Malawi? Major one , kusesa umayambira myumba(sweeping starts in the inner chambers.

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