Michael Kasito launches DVD


The Kasito name is not strange in the music circles. Pastor Wilfred Kasito is one of the pioneers in the Malawian gospel music.

His brother, Michael, is set to launch his DVD on Sunday at the Mlambe motel in Balaka district.

The Mwari wakanaka star says he is ready to mesmerize his fans with his songs which are centered at giving hope to people facing various life afflictions.

The singer is pleading with people to cast their hope unto God as he is the only one to offer solutions to their problems.

“The DVD has been crafted in way that it is offering hope to a cross section of people facing various problems,” Kasito says.

The musician has assured fans to patronise the event as there is no room for disappointment.

He said: “People should be assured that all the supporting artists will be available for the show,”

The Balaka based artist says he is humbled to launch his DVD at his base (Balaka) and has since appreciated all the supporting artists for their willingness to support him.

Some of the supporting artists in the show includes president of the musicians union of Malawi Grolia Kampingo Manong’a, Sir Paul Banda, Favoured Martha, Lloyd Phiri, Princess Chitsulo, Kamuzu Barracks gospel singers and Nerigo womens choir.