Airtel donates 10 computers to Chilobwe Community College


Airtel Malawi has donated 10 brand new computers to Chilobwe Community Technical College in Blantyre.

According to the institution’s corporate communications officer Norrah Chirwa, for a long time, Airtel have been supporting education sector and uplifted different areas of the public education sector with various teacher and learner resources.

Chilobwe community college launching the computers

Chirwa said they have set aside funds for Airtel’s flagship corporate social responsibility that goes back to various communities in need across the country.

She further said the ten computers worth K6 million were bought using funds from the Airtel Money Trust fund.

“We are very happy to present the 10 brand new state of the art computers that will transform the lab here at Chilobwe Community Technical College and its learners

“As Airtel we basically have some money that we set aside in Airtel Money Trust fund. So we use such funds by going back to the community. This time we want to develop the education sector particularly the ICT sector in Community colleges, hence this donation.” said Chirwa.

Receiving the donation, Principal of the College Renox Nkhoma expressed his gratitude to Airtel Malawi for showing interest to donate the computers at their institution.

He said the donation would make a difference on the students and citizen of the community not only in improving their access to information, communication and technology but also enhancing their skills in computing, understanding and appreciating the role of ICT.

“We are very thankful to Airtel for the donation. These computers will help teachers to transform their practices by providing improved educational content and more effective teaching and learning processes through provision of more interactive educational materials that increase learner’s motivation,” said the Principal.

The institution’s students union President Olivia Mkandawire said the donation has come in right time claiming they had not even a single computer a development which she said will ease some of their challenges which they are encountering due to insufficient learning materials.

She however asked the general public to follow footsteps of Airtel saying there is a lot being desired at the community college adding that they need practical materials and a possible quick library.

Chilobwe Community College is among 11 Technical Colleges that are supposed to get a donation of 10 computers from Airtel Malawi after being recommended by Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training at the Ministry of Education.