Police tighten security for people with albinism

Police in Dowa have started making frequent visits to houses of people with albinism living in the district following increasing cases of abductions and killings reported in other districts of the country.

On 16th March, 2019, the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) held an interdenominational prayer service for people with albinism at the Assemblies of God church in the district.

Police officers led by Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police who is Dowa police station’s Officer_ In _ Charge ( O/C), Maxmas Thomson Bakali, graced the occasion with a message to the congregation that everyone is a soldier for people with albinism and not the police alone.

Kaponda: we visit their houses

Dowa police station publicist, Sergeant Richard Mwakayoka Kaponda, said the district has not registered any case of abductions and killings of people with albinism due to tight security which has been enforced to all the communities in the district through their Community Policing structures.

Kaponda said the station is implementing a strategy aimed at protecting people with albinism in which officers take turns to visit houses of people with albinism in the district.

He said the station has taken an upper hand in sensitising communities of the district on the rights of persons with albinism for all to know that whosoever comes contravening their rights be dealt with, in accordance with the law.

He said as part of raising awareness on the rights and protection of people with albinism, the station is distributing sun screen lotion to persons with albinism.

Malawi has over 10,000 persons with albinism but at the moment they are living in fear as they are being killed due to their skin.