How to Pass CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Exam Easily?


CompTIA certifications address the needs of today’s digitally connected world that is progressing with each passing second. In this challenging technological era, Security+ certification is like a stepping stone for progress in your career as an IT professional. The CompTIA Security+ is a universally perceived certification, approving a person’s basic security abilities and skills. If are you getting Security+ certified, this laconic piece will tell you everything about the CompTIA Security+ Exam Questions & Answers .

Before you plan anything, let’s get an idea about what exactly Security+ certification is and why you need to get certified?

About Security+ Certification and SY0-501 Exam

Thus, the Security+ certification allows you to make a great career as an IT professional working in the security sector. This credential is ideal for any individual who is interested in dealing with the security aspect of the information and technology. To get this certification, you need to pass the SY0-501 exam. This challenging test comprises 90-questions with a time limit of 90 minutes. The passing score is 750 out of 900 and it will cost you $339.

Topics covered under SY0-501:

While studying for the Security+ exam you will need to learn about the following topics:

Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities

Risk Management

Identity and Access Management

Architecture and Design

Technologies and Tools

Cryptography and PKI

You will also need the following skills in order to pass the SY0-501 exam:


Network Security

Compliance and operational security

Data, application, and host security

Vulnerabilities and threats

Identity management and access control


How to Crack the Test?

  1. Developing a Study Plan

The most important thing to keep in mind to pass any exam is a proper study plan. Without a plan, you will not be able to complete all your syllabus on time. People spend dollars, take expensive material and study 12 hours a day but still get no positive result because they do not properly plan their studying. Thus, planning has a vital role in passing any exam or test.

  1. Look at the official exam objectives

After you’ve made an effective study plan and started to work on it, the next step is practicing out the official exam objectives. Knowing them, you’ll develop a pattern of studying in which you give more time to important sections and less time to the sections that are familiar to you to gain a better score. This will make your studying process easier and will help you in obtaining a great score.

  1. Discuss the exam topics with other IT professionals

Discussing the exam topics and taking the help of the IT professionals to know more about the topics included in the exam seem to be less important but indeed has the same value in acing the exam. The discussion mainly keeps you motivated and helps you build a stronger foundation towards your goal. If an IT security professional is among your friends or colleagues, it is highly recommended to talk to him/her for a better understanding of the topics and getting valuable information.

  1. Take prep classes

Not everyone is perfect in grasping knowledge and learning about something alone. This has brought the need to take prep classes. These classes simplify the learning process for you eventually helping you to score better in any exam and for IT certification tests they play a stunning role as well. With prep classes, you will get a thorough understanding of the topics, cause you’ll have the opportunity to clear your doubts from a learned professional.

  1. Join a Security+ Online Community

The world consists of different types of people with different mindsets. The test is held worldwide, and the Security+ online community platforms help you in connecting with all types of people that are giving the test. Thus, you will grasp the shared tips and tricks to study for the SY0-501 certification exam, learn from experiences of other members and will get a better understanding of the test.

  1. Vary your techniques

Every day you should try new strategies to study. The same old study pattern will make things monotonous, and you might not be able to maintain the regularity when things get boring. Hence it is important to add some variety of techniques to your study plan. For example, one night you prepare from the course, the other night you analyze what you’ve studied and tried answering the objective questions. This will help you keep you engaged and attentive all throughout the preparation.

  1. Review Checklist

Never forget to review the course before and after your study. Keep the syllabus handy and make sure that you keep checking it regularly to see whether or not you have finished all the topics of one part before you move to the next. You can also make a checklist of all the things that you have already studied so when you revise, you will not miss out on any topic.

On the exam day:

  1. Take proper sleep

The mind requires rest to function properly, taking an ample amount of sleep before the test will refresh your mind. If you are sleepy, it’s likely that you will forget what you have learned. So a deep sleep is very important on the exam day.

  1. Read The Guidelines cautiously

Before you begin answering exam questions, take a couple of moments to read all the instructions that have been given to you. This will enable you to wipe out mistakes. Peruse the headings to ensure you don’t commit any pointless errors. Since the Security+ exam is very tricky, knowing the directions can save you from big troubles.

  1. Don’t Panic

70% of the people fail a test not because they have not prepared well, but because of the panic attacks, they get during the test. Trust me, panicking won’t take you anywhere. Rather, it will spoil your hard work and bring failures. Don’t panic during the test. Be calm and confident.

  1. Remain positive

Keep an uplifting frame of mind throughout the exam. Feel sure about yourself. Unwind, inhale profoundly, and disclose to yourself that you can do this. This way, your mind will be able to think clearly, and you will be able to complete more questions.


These certification exams really aren’t a piece of cake; they challenge your skills and abilities. But that doesn’t make it impossible to pass and get the certification. You can do it easily if you invest your 100 % in the preparation and do smart yet hard work to achieve your desired goal.

Everything discussed above will bring you the best results. The CompTIA Security+(SY0-501) is the most challenging and very important test for a person who wants to make a better name in the IT security world. Make sure you follow all the tips mentioned above. So, get your prep material, start studying for your SY0-501 exam and pass it with flying colors.