Prophet Bushiri’s protege says Chakwera will win: Major One denies knowing Prophet King Solomon

…Malawians not God has the power to choose the President – Bushiri

Prophecies into the 2019 Malawi presidential elections have started pouring in. Malawi Congress Party (MCP) torchbearer, Lazarus Chakwera, will win the presidential race. This is according to a prophecy by little known Prophet King Solomon who claims to be a protégé of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

UTM’s Saulos Chilima and ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Peter Mutharika can as well bury the hatchet. For what it’s worth, UTM and DPP can merge into one single party, with the latter welcoming UTM like a prodigal son returning home to his father.

If Solomon’s prophecy is anything to be taken serious, neither Mutharika nor Chilima will win the presidential race. The two adversaries are, therefore, wasting their time, energy and money in vain.

The presidential race is decided. According to King Solomon, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate, Lazarus Chakwera, will, on 22 May be declared as the winning candidate.

President Chakwera?

“It was on 14th February 2019 When I took a journey to Malawi across the mountains ; I did not go by bus nor by plane. I traveled on my knees. I saw so many people rejoicing for the arrival of the saviour of the nation. As I prayed on, I saw them being helped and the badly wounded healed and restored. God said pray I will send their saviour who will end corruption and fight for Christianity and bring peace and unity. And the country shall prosper. Malawi will rise again!!” writes King Solomon Shiloh.

In the prophecy, shared on Facebook, Prophet King Solomon Shiloh claims that God showed him the face of Lazarus Chakwera as the ‘chosen one’.

“I longed to see the face of the saviour. Loh and behold , I saw the face of Dr Lazarus Chakwera of MCP stepping into power on 22nd May 2019.  For it is written Surely the Lord God does NOTHING, unless He REVEALS His Secrets to his servants the PROPHETS” says Solomon who claims to have been trained by Bushiri and Bushiri’s senior protégé, Prophet Justice Hara.

Solomon uses a picture of himself receiving what appears to be a training certificate from Justice Hara. He has also shared several photos of Bushiri on his timeline.

But Solomon’s prophecy also points to the fact that the 2019 election is a battle that will not only be fought and won over by the ballot but also on the pulpit. His prophecy has not gone particularly well with Bushiri who, like the biblical Simon Peter, has denied ever knowing Prophet Solomon. Bushiri has even gone a step further to downplay Solomon’s prophecy as legit, saying only Malawians have the power to choose their leaders.

In a statement issued jointly by Bushiri’s Communications Director, Ephraim Nyondo, and External Media Relations Manager, Maynard Manyowa, Prophet Solomon is accused of using the ECG leader’s name to advance a personal agenda.

“Prophet Shepherd Bushiri wants to disassociate himself and his ministry from a man called Prophet King Solomon and every political statement that he is making on social media. Prophet Solomon has made a statement on social media alleging that he was trained by Prophet Bushiri”

“Prophet Bushiri wants to make it clear that he neither has had any association with Prophet Solomon nor has had any contact with him in form of ‘training’.  The ECG leader respects all other men of God, however, he does not take it lightly when some use his name to advance a personal agenda” reads part of the statement issued by Bushiri’s media team in response to King Solomon’s prophecy.

In the statement, Bushiri said Malawians rather than God have the power to choose the leader of their choice.

“Prophet Bushiri believes in electoral systems put in place by the government and he has faith that the people of Malawi are the ones with the power to choose the leader of their choice. As a man of God, his role is to pray for the President of Malawi, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the entire government system, all political parties and the people of Malawi so that they have an electoral process that is free and fair” concludes the statement.

Solomon made headlines when he predicted that President Mugabe would be ousted from power by Zimbabweans. He had then also said a new president would rule Malawi. But it is the first time he has named Chakwera as the president.



  1. The fake one chakwera will never rule malawi iwe bushiri osamawapusitsa anthu uzikhomzekera kumangidwa ngati omotoso owning the hotel just kufuna uzigonana ndi azimayi dziko lake si south africa tu they are coming for you run bushiri run

  2. I agree the prophecy. DR L. Chakwera is the next president of Malawi. God has chosen him.

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