Chimulirenji urges youth to vote for Mutharika

Democratic progressive Party (DPP) running mate Everton Chimulirenji has urged youth to vote for President Peter Mutharika saying he has a number of programs to improve their welfare.

Chimulirenji made the remarks on Saturday when DPP youths conducted a big walk from Balaka town to Khwisa and carried out various activities under the banner ‘DPP operation landslide interface meeting’.

Chimulirenji: Addressing the youth

Speaking in an interview after the event, Chimulirenji said he wanted to support the youth of Balaka since they are the strongest arm of the party and unity with them will help the party in the upcoming tripartite election.

Chimulirenji further said that the party will continue to stand by the youths and they have a number of programs for them mainly that of giving young people roles.

He further emphasised on the blue colour for the party and its meaning because it conveys a peace sign and the vision the late DR Bingu had on the country.

“I encourage the youth within the country to be peaceful and hardworking, cementing the core values that DPP is all about,” said Chimulirenji.

Louise Kamundi who is the deputy director of international affairs (UK wing) and also the sponsor of the event said it is impossible to run the county without the youth.

Chriss Connex Muhuwa who is the national youth director for DPP pointed out that 54 percent of the country’s population are the youth and they thought it wise to start an initiative whereby the youth of DPP can meet up and network and at the same to see first-hand how many they are and how strong they are on the ground.

Apart from the big walk, the other events included a football bonanza, parade, and also youth talk.