Chakwera conquers DPP’s bedroom

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday invaded Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) stronghold, Mulanje, where he laid out his vision for Malawi to thousands of supporters.

Chakwera was accompanied by MCP vice president and presidential running mate Sidik Mia.

During the rally, Chakwera told the people that he has 50 economic and development programs that will create jobs and wealth for women, youth, men, and farmers of this district.

Among others, Chakwera said his government will construct the Milepa to Phalombe Bridge Master to Namulenga, Nkando to Mulomba, Limbuli to Muloza, Chonde to kwa Nkalo and Sayama to Mathambi.

He added that all wood bridges in the district will be reconstructed using concrete and his government will also construct modern markets at Chitakale, Chisitu, Nkando, Namphungo, Chimbalanga, Mwanakhu, and Mathambi to promote small and medium businesses.

He also promised to promote tourism in Mulanje which will lead to economic growth.

On job creation, Chakwera said he will introduce the National Youth Service which will facilitate creation of employment for young people in the country.

Before the rally, Chakwera made stops at several trading centres for brief presentations to his followers.

However, as he was approaching Luchenza trading centre he was attacked by a mob of DPP cadets. The cadets who wore masks and party t-shirts blocked the way with logs and rocks and made it impossible for MCP vehicles to reach Mulanje.

Avoiding disputes, MCP vehicles had to change their path to reach Luchenza where Chakwera successfully made a stop to talk to his followers.