Stepfather admits abducting boy with albinism

Two people including a stepfather to 14-year-old Goodson Makanjira have pleaded guilty to charges of abducting the boy with albinism.

The stepfather Sainess Kalekeni and the other suspect Kambiloni Patson appeared before the Lilongwe principal magistrate Viva Nyimba where they confessed to abducting Goodson in Dedza.

According to the two, they abducted the boy after a person identified as Buleya Luke promised to give them K800 000.

Buleya: sent thugs to abduct Goodson

“I was enticed by a promise that I would get K800 000. I was told that a market is already there and I would get the money instantly which is not the case,” the stepfather said on Wednesday.

The boy who was abducted from his house over a week ago is still missing and the two suspects told the court they do not know whether Goodson was alive or not.

“My job was simply to get Goodson and hand him over to Buleya. I would not know whether he is alive or not,” said Kalekeni.

Police have also arrested Buleya and he is expected to appear before court soon.

Makanjira was abducted in the area of chief Chilikumwendo’s area in Dedza on February 13.

This year, at least five cases of attacks against persons with albinism have been recorded in the country.

Meanwhile, APAM plans to hold vigils at Kamuzu Palace to pressurise President Peter Mutharika to attack action against the attacks.

According to the association, participants in the vigil will congregate at Lilongwe Community Centre Ground and thereafter march to Kamuzu Palace where they will deliver a petition to President Peter Mutharika.

After handing over the petition, the protesters will remain at Kamuzu Palace where they will hold a vigil for three days.



  1. Thumbs up to all those involved to get these criminals arrested.
    My request to the government and the police is to use this case and Buleya must tell the nation of who are the buyers???

  2. A police this is a clear case. The next step is to find out where Buleya left Goodson. This puzzle will be solved easily.

  3. Anthuwa sayenera kukhalanso ndi moyo please aphedwe kuphedwa kwakemso kuwadula ziwalo ngati mmene amachitira akapha amzathu a alibino.

  4. This is where yhe investigations can start & get yhe lead yo yhos story in the process to splve this barbaric once & for all. Pin that Buleya guy & find his handlers ehether its prominent businessmen or women whether politicians of all divides but just get to yhe bottom of this problem. Dont forget Witchdoctors pin them too.

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