DPP using violence to rig elections – Chilima

Saulos Chilima

UTM President Saulos Chilima says the political violence happening in the country is a form of rigging elections.

The party’s president Saulos Chilima made the statement on Wednesday at the press briefing at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

Chilima who is also the vice president of the country said that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under the leadership of President Peter Mutharika are the ones behind the violence in order to  plant fear in Malawians who are expecting to vote in May .

According to Chilima, the ruling party wants to limit the space of opposition parties and circumvent the wishes of Malawians by unleashing violence on the opposition ahead of the elections.

“It is also very reckless and myopic for the DPP to use terror and intimidation to try to rig this election. The continent of Africa is replete with sad examples of how corrupt and inept leaders tried to use violence and intimidation to remain perpetually in power only to set their countries alight with uncontrollable violence and civil war. We must never ever play with fire. We must never take this peace we enjoy in this country for granted. It is simply silly and irresponsible,” he said.

Chilima added that the UTM is aware of the plans and reminded Mutharika that Malawi country belongs to everyone and request an action on the issue.

“We are not smiling when you are undressing our mothers, we are not going to entertain this and we are asking Malawi Police Services to bring perpetrators and face the law,” he explained.

The vice president went on to say that perpetrators should not be at easy saying that 2019 is not far and he is elected president they perpetrators will end up in streets or in jail with the master planners.

Chilima then asked those who will lose on tripartite elections in May to accept their fate and move on with politics with hope that the can try again the 2024 elections 2024.


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