Malawi begs Zambia for electricity


In a move to end electricity blackouts, Malawi government through the ministry of energy and mining has announced that the country is to import 20 megawatts from Zambia starting this week.

Minister responsible Aggrey Massi said the 20 megawatts is to feed the national grid on electricity and cater the residents of Mchinji, Kasungu and Lilongwe.

Malawi getting power from Zambia

Massi explained that the interconnection is among the initiatives that Malawi government is taking to end electricity challenges.

“The government is making strides to end the power blackouts and this is just among the steps,” said Massi.

The minister explained further that the country is to make sure that all rural areas have electricity once some initiatives of adding power to the national grid are completed.

Malawi is among countries facing serious electricity challenges as citizens go for hours without having power.

The electricity challenges forced authorities to use the short term solution of using diesel power gensets to avert the situation.

Government also plans to add power to the grid using renewable energy and interconnection with other countries like Mozambique.