Kumbu joins comic world


Musician Kumbu has extended his art to production of comedies after years of friendship with the mic.

The singer is producing comic films under the banner, Che Kumbu Comedies.

Recently, he released a 30 second film entitled ‘Jack’ which marks the genesis of his journey in the artistic field.

Kumbu: This can’t happen overnight.

Jack involves a couple set at a dining table. It carries a message which is bigger than its duration -as some people have described the work of art.

According to Kumbu, people should expect more of comic films from him. He added, he will be producing both music and comedy films.

“This does not mean I have stopped music, I will be doing both since they are all my talents,” he said.

His target is to make a name in the production of comics as he did in music. However, he admits that this cannot happen overnight.