Sadio Mane’s squad number switch to benefit Malawian boys

Liverpool’s’ Sadio Mane changed his shirt number in July and Malawian children will benefit from the switch.

The Liverpool forward has donated over 100 shirts bearing his former No.19 to Malawian boys.

Mane has changed to Jessey No. 10.

After Mane changed his number in July, Liverpool offered supporters who had purchased Mane No. 19 shirts before the switch was announced the opportunity of a like-for-like exchange for a Mane No. 10 strip.

The donated shirts have been given to KitAid who will distribute them to Malawian children through Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO).

Founder of FOMO, Mary Woodworth told ESPN FC that Mane’s gesture will make a big difference for children who are not able to buy shirts on their own.

“It’s like a dream for the children in the villages, getting a t-shirt that they never thought they would get.

“Sadio Mane is from Africa, his name is just everywhere. To see the t-shirt of Sadio Mane will just be overwhelming,” she said.”

KitAid is a charity that recycles unwanted football kits and then distributes them to some of the world’s poorest countries.

The organisation’s founder, Derrick Williams, said they receive most of the shirts from big clubs in England including Everton, Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Watford.

He said boys who receive the shirts are happy because it means they can participate in a proper league with other teams.