Four arrested for stealing items worth millions


Police in Limbe have arrested four people for breaking into houses and stealing items worth millions.

Limbe Police Public Relations Officer, Widson Nhlane identified the suspects as Yohane Mwauluka aged 30, Gift Makawa aged 25, Peter Maliro aged 30 and Madaliso Bongo.

Police have been discovering similar items in previous operations.

He explained that the suspects on October 10, 2018 broke into a house and went away with a Plasma TV, laptops, a microwave and other items, all worth K850, 000.

After investigations, Police arrested the four suspects and also managed to recover property worth millions stolen from other houses.

The other items are gensets, computers, electric irons, monitors, televisions and microwaves.

Meanwhile, the recovered items are being kept at the station’s warehouse for identification by the rightful owners who lodged complaints and recorded statements with the police.

The four suspects will appear in court soon to answer charges of burglary and theft.