Chilima leaves for Britain

Malawi Vice President, Saulosi Chilima, who is also leader of the newly formed United Transformation Movement (UTM), has left the country for Britain during wee hours of Sunday.

According to the media statement from the Vice President’s office, Chilima has gone for ‘holiday and private engagements’.

Kaliati (R) and Lucius Banda (C) at the airport where the were escorting the Vice President.

Some reports, however, have indicated that while in Britain, Chilima will speak at the Chatham House in London on Wednesday from 12 to 2pm.

His speech will among other issues tackle on poverty reduction and addressing economic instabilities.

Reports further indicate that the Vice President, who is expected to get back into Malawi on October 21, will also address the House of Commons, Grimond Room in London on Tuesday.

Some of the notable people that escorted Chilima to Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe are UTM top officials including Musician Lucious Banda and the movement’s secretary general, Patricia Kaliati.

Chilima who dumped the governing Democratic Progressive Party in June this year, has been leading UTM which is now having difficulties to register as a political party.

The country’s political parties registrar office refused to register UTM by citing that the application by the movement was “not in conformity” with the Political Party Act.

Meanwhile UTM next move on registration is uncertain, but it has been encouraging its followers across the country not to give up.




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