Mzuzu set for peaceful demonstrations

All is set for the planned peaceful September 21 demonstrations that Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has organised in Mzuzu and other parts of the country.

Leaders of HRDC have since asked residents of Mzuzu to participate in the planned peaceful demonstrations slated to start at 9 am at Mzuzu Upper Stadium on Friday.

Regional Chairperson of HRDC Happy Mhango said this in an interview in Mzuzu on Thursday.

Mhango: all set

“We are very prepared. We have done all the necessary requirements relating to the legal steps that we are supposed to take, like notifying the City Council, engaging the Police and all other key stakeholders.

“We are asking Malawians of good-will to come and participate in these peaceful demonstrations.  We are safe, all measures to mitigate the would-be challenges have been put in place,” said Mhango.

The demonstrators plan to March from Mzuzu Upper Stadium through Mataifa Market and High Court Roundabout to the Civic Offices where the new petition is expected to be delivered.

Mhango cited gross corruption, impunity and executive arrogance as some of the reasons for the planned peaceful protests.

And the HRDC Leader has also expressed confidence in Police’s capability to ensure safety and security of all demonstrators.

“We trust that Police are going to do their job in the best possible way depending on the level of training they underwent and we know we are dealing with professionals here,” said Mhango.

But Christian Justice International Malawi Office President Prophet Amos Chuma in an earlier interview expressed his organization’s disagreement with the HRDC’s planned peaceful nation-wide demonstrations.

“Demonstration is not as important as contact and dialogue. Issues are resolved when we have contact and dialogue.  Sometimes we blame the President that he has not done this and that but we forget as Malawians that we also have a responsibility,” said Chuma.

According to Chuma the national priority at this time should be to prepare for the 2019 Tripartite Elections rather than demonstrating over governance issues of the current Government.

“We are having eight months to go into the 2019 elections, so it is better for us to focus on the voter registrations so that we can vote in 2019,” said Chuma.

Meanwhile the HRDC, in their social media statement, has asked its demonstrators to put on colours in the Malawi national flag: red, black and green   which marks a shift from the norm of red t-shirts.




  1. What benefits of this strike to Malawian coz you’re against gvnt in the name of malawians

  2. Mzuzu demos have never been peaceful. It will be a positive change if today’s demo goes peacefully.

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