Aspirant to clean up Mzuzu


She has seen a gap in public service delivery in Mzuzu City and she is now stepping up to the challenge.

Margaret Mwanza, a 48-year-old businesswoman, says that once voted in as Member of Parliament for the city of Mzuzu in 2019, she will clean the city and keep it clean.

Mwanza: to clean up Mzuzu

“I want to help Mzuzu City Council to clean up the City. I will work with the City to clean the City and to maintain roads in Vigwagwa, Lusangazi and other areas,” Mwanza promised.

The aspirant said this in an exclusive interview in Mzuzu on Monday. Mwanza commended the government of President Peter Mutharika for its strides in constructing new roads adding that she will continue from where the government will stop.

“Government has done a lot in building new roads, I like what Professor Peter Mutharika is doing. That is why I feel I can also work with the Government to contribute to the development of Mzuzu City,” said Mwanza.

The Shadow MP of Kamangadazi Village in T/A Mzukuzuku in Rumphi assured the nation that money is not her motivator. She has since promised to plough back all her earnings as MP into the beautification of the city of Mzuzu.

“I can assure people in the City of Mzuzu. I will sacrifice my money to clean Mzuzu City. I have money already and in terms of the money that I will earn, I will put it back to clean Mzuzu City,” said Mwanza.

During the launch of the 50:50 Campaign for more women in leadership position in Mzuzu last week, over 30 women publicly declared their interest to compete as councillors in various Wards in Mzuzu City and Mzimba North in 2019.

However, Mwanza was   the only woman who expressed her interest to    vie for the Mzuzu City Parliamentary Seat.

Meanwhile National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE Trust) has challenged political parties in Mzimba to put in place deliberate policies to promote women aspiring to contest on their tickets in the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Tovwirane, another organisation that is promoting women empowerment through its program Women Empowered for Leadership Initiative (WE4L) in the Region has also advised all women aspirants in Mzimba to make their candidature legitimate by registering as voters in the voter registration exercise which starts in Mzuzu on October 27, 2018.

“All women aspirants should register as voters, if they do not register then they will not contest to be leaders,” said Chivunga.

Likewise, Mwanza acknowledged that like men, her road to the 2019 Tripartite Elections may not be an easy one, the first step towards being   elected into office in 2019 is ensuring that all eligible Malawians participate in the voter registration exercise.

“Everyone should register to vote. All those from 18 years and upwards please register to vote,” Mwanza said.



  1. Maggie
    Welcum to the group of PROMISE BREAKERS. Keep lying about cleaning the city of Mzuzu, tell the Mzuzu people the truth, cleaning is just an additional issue. What is ur MANIFESTO and don’t say things u will not fulfill the day u will enter the corridors of the City Hall. Will u keep ur promise or u r vying for votes to enrich urself and ur family. WATCH THE SPACE

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