Manganya runs to Chilima flock

Michael Usi

Comedian Michael Usi better known by his stage name Manganya has associated himself with the United Transformation Movement (UTM) which is led by Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Usi has been leading another movement known as Odya Zake Alibe Mlandu which largely condemns corruption under the idea that everyone that is corrupt should face the law.

Michael Usi
Chilima and Usi during the launch in Blantyre

Chilima’s UTM has used a similar notion in its calls for change. In fact Chilima himself has admitted there is ‘huge’ corruption in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government.
According to Chilima, there have been ‘hidden’ corrupt acts in the purchase of generators by Escom to curb power outages in Malawi.

Usi, was present at the UTM Southern Region launch in Blantyre on Sunday and took to the podium to just like Chilima call for change.

There has not been any disclosures of an official merger of the two movements, but Chilima weeks ago said he would not rule out any possibilities of landing coalitions with any party wiling to run the same course as the one he through the UTM has embarked on.

The UTM rose from the DPP as Peter Mutharika was being asked to step down and be replaced by Chilima. Mutharika refuted the calls before the UTM came to light.

There are over 50 political parties in Malawi. Eleven of them run the race for the presidency last time out.



  1. Aponzonad man msomba yabwino kuiphatikiza muzoola iwolanso2 kkkkk

  2. Bwana Usi dont misread people am really sure you know where this country is heading to, this UTM is DPP part 3.Munayamba bwino inuyo koma supporting UTM is bad ending. We dont want problems again.

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