Youth asked to choose transformational leaders


As the 2019 Tripartite Elections are drawing closer, youths in the country have been asked to utilize their knowledge in making good decisions so that they should choose leaders who will bring change to this country.

This was said during a get together organised by Bwalo la Mzika (Citizen Forum) at Maula parish in Lilongwe where youths from different sectors met to network and share ideas.

Benedeicto Kondowe
Kondowe: Our duty is to challenge corruption.

Speaking after the event, National Advocacy Platform chairperson Benedicto Kondowe said youths must not blame themselves if things go wrong at the end of the day since they are the ones who are in large numbers and at the centre of perpetuation of political sickness in the country.

“We must not blame ourselves that we are doing nothing, our duty is to challenge corruption. Not only that but also concerns of nepotism in both public and private sectors for example we can see that most buildings are being built in areas of blood tribal, regional relationship and many more so it is our time to change things for our own good as future leaders,” he said.

He therefore called on organisations and the media to work together in facilitating dialogue between duty bearers and civil society organisations to see if there is progress taking place in developmental projects.

On her part, one of the officials from Human Rights of Women and Girls with Disability Stella Nkhonya Chisangwala asked organisations to include youths with disabilities in their programs in order to change the country and establish a path of inclusion from lower levels to higher levels.

Chisangwala explained that inclusion of people with disabilities is supposed to begin with organisations and then spread to government.

She also asked organisations to change the mindset that youth with disabilities always go to their offices to seek financial help saying the young people are citizens interested in changing this country for good.

Speaking at the same event, Chairperson for Citizen Forum (Bwalo la Mzika) Edward Banda said they have recognized efforts to be made for the youth to start looking at what changes should come for the country to move forward.

He said the coming elections are an opportunity for youths to help fight against corruption by engaging with political leaders.