DPP’s generosity: Money goes to beer not education


Days after President Peter Mutharika partied with college students, social media was stormed with pictures of students sitting for Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education exams in unfavourable conditions.

The pictures show students sitting on the floor, while others sat on bricks as they were writing their exams which started on Wednesday.

Students sitting for PSLC exams in unfavourable condition.

On Sunday, Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gave 1200 students from colleges an allowance of K20,000 at a luncheon in Blantyre.

Organizers of the luncheon disclosed that each student left Sanjika Palace K20,000 richer after endorsing Mutharika as a torchbearer ahead of 2019 polls.

DPP leader of activities in colleges Chimwemwe Chipungu is on record to have cleared the mist on the source of funds disbursed to the students.

Chipungu explained that the party had realised funds for the students to have fun with President Mutharika, as they had lunch and two or three bottles of beer at Sanjika.

An estimated total for the allowances that DPP gave to the students is pegged at K24,000,000.

Perhaps one wonders how many desks could have been bought with the money given to college students who endorsed Mutharika.

“It appears we have leaders who don’t care about the plight of young boys and girls in the context of their right to education, this shows that our education system is almost at the state of collapsing,” says education activist Benedicto Kondowe.

Meanwhile, government through ministry of education has disclosed that it is to make a follow up on the poor conditions that candidates are under as they are writing the exams.





  1. Let’s be honest here .the president can not be everywhere and know our problems.this xool is in a constituence of chitsiru China and a consullor is there what are these idiots doing. Even we have potential individuals who can help but still we are waiting for Madonna and friends to come and bail out this cool.mxxxx

  2. DPP or Mutharika used Malawian currency and not DPP’s or Mutharika’s currency. Mutharika’s is the one who is at the helm of the gvt hence could have used his senses to divert money and use in buying desks other than kachasu for the students to be drunk with. Really this is stupidity at its best.

  3. Very stupid reasoning by the author. It was not taxpayers’ money. It was DPP’s money, so DPP can decide how to use its money. It’s not your business how DPP uses its money. Fotseki!

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