Too late for Muluzi to save UDF

Atupele Muluzi

The political ties that opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) has with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have led to UDF’s decline and it is too late to save the party, a political analyst says.

Several political experts have been faulting the union that UDF had with DPP arguing the party will fail to campaign itself ahead of 2019 polls.

Mkhutche: It is too late for Muluzi and the UDF.

The ties led to internal shakeups in UDF with some legislators within the party not supporting the decision of being part of DPP.

UDF lawmaker Lucius Banda vowed to remain on opposition side in Parliament when his colleagues moved to government side to follow party president Atupele Muluzi.

Banda faulted the union saying it was “illegal” as no proper procedure was followed between the two parties.

With months remaining for Malawi to hold elections, UDF has been spotted to be active in holding political rallies across the country.

The rallies are aimed at strengthening the grassroots that became weak when UDF president Muluzi was honoured with ministerial position in DPP administration.

But political expert Wonderful Mkhutche says it is late for Muluzi to put his house in order ahead of the elections next year.

“It is too late for Atupele Muluzi and the UDF. The major challenge was that the political relationship with DPP was entered into without well-known agreements.

“That is why there were disagreements in the party regarding this. Even though the party still has members at rallies, it is given that most of them have lost a sense of direction of the party and are in dark as to where their party belongs in Malawi politics,” said Mkhutche.

He noted that UDF is to have a presidential candidate out of necessity and not to win the elections adding that the party will find it difficult to criticise the current administration during campaign

“How can UDF criticise DPP when it was part of the government the party thinks needs to change?” Wondered Mkhutche.



  1. Nkhani ndiyoti Atupele has been part and parcel of all the evil that DPP government has inflicted on Malawi population so he can not fool us again. voting for Atupele is the same as voting for DPP because palibepo chachilendo chomwe angatibwelesele poti anali limozi m’bomamo pa zake zonsezi

  2. I thought Atupele was smart enough at the beginning when he became a UDF leader, but now he has lost it all, he should just become a member of DPP & let Our Lucius Banda play his part, he seems more courageous to save our nation. Adyela onse akagwele muwauza bwanji anthu zakuipa kwa DPP pomwe nanunso muli gulu lomwelo, zamanyazi kwabasi mwana wa chair kkkkkkkkk!

  3. Of course it could be true but not too late to put the house in order.. what can you say about the other party internal problem s? . Udf is far much better than than other parties that is if you are following politics very well. It’s not too late in fact this is the right time while each and everyone is busy organizing his or her party.

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