Kaliwo says MCP convention is illegal

Gustav Kaliwo

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo has challenged the legality of the convention which MCP has organised this weekend in Lilongwe.

Speaking at a press briefing in Blantyre this morning, Kaliwo claimed that the party’s constitution gives him, as Secretary General of the party, exclusive power to call for a convention hence it is illegal for other members of the party to convene a convention.

Gustav Kaliwo
MCP Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo.

The MCP announced Friday morning that it will hold a convention starting from today May 11, 2018, to Monday May 14, 2018, at its headquarters in Lilongwe.

But Kaliwo has urged delegates not to go Lilongwe for the convention and has warned the party that if it holds the indaba it will face consequences.

He added that MCP members who are behind several illegal decisions in the party are new and are not true members of MCP.

Kaliwo was earlier this year suspended from the party but after several court battles the party this week reinstated him together with four other National Executive members.



  1. Mr Kaliwo pezani zopanga zina… Tawona kut izi simutha”!!!

  2. Iwe kalio,tour not fit to be ins MCP,vuto iwe ndiwe qa DPP ,Ku MCP unangofuna kuti uzisokoneza walandila chiBanzi kuchokera Ku DPP iwe andale akumalawi dyera basi

  3. Chakwera and his friend Mia have too much appetite for power, no wonder trying to twist everything to favour their course. The dual is very dangerous for Malawi’s leadership. The people who failed to show tangible evidence of development in the organisations they once headed in the past. Chakwera had been a president for the Assemblies of God for good 25 solid years, but literally nothing to show to us what his leadership did. His only true colour he showcased was clinging to the presidency for all those years and had it not for the political aspirations, he would have been still the church’s president. Mia is very famous for his handouts and had it not for great Mutharikas, no development would have been seen in his district. All what he knows apart from dishing out money to the electorate is greedy and selfishness to extent of closing his superior shops on the day of acclaimed national day of strikes. They are people of double standards. Their class is mama Cali who selfishly forced great Bingu to establish first lady’s salary in the tune of k1.5m which the then cilvil society fought vigorously. Another dull fera is L. Banda, a guy who holds a fake MSCE paper. He still hates DPP because of his recklessness that landed him into the jaws of prison. How did he dare to lead the impeachment motion. He now misleading everyone claiming is his m,gold anauvutikira yekha ena Ali Ku exile? APM also was part of the game, that’s why he was part of those guys who formulated our constitution together with the law towering giants in the class of Chimango and Kanyongolo in early 90s. Mama Cali has to be reminded, how many youthful presidents did Malawi had in the past? If I’m not mistaking, two: JB and atcheya. Now tell me what did JB and her youthful cabinet did to us apart from messing up everything in the name of cashgate? Now here was a man, a true patriot. Here was a man, who loves everyone including his adversaries. Here was a man, who brought development to the people. Here was a man, who gave back true democracy to his people. Here was a man, who showcased afrikas resilience in bringing development without donor aid. Here was a man, who vanquished the badly dressing of our institutions of higher learning. Here was a man, who filled up to the blim our grain silos mocking effects of climate change and here was a man indeed, envied for his visionary and love for all. This is the class of leaders afrika needs. The developer of skilled ground labour, the true economist. All those who hate this man are doing it for selfish reasons and their own individual benefits not for us all. Chakwera type should not rule for we will live to regret our actions.

  4. You are a very useless person. Go to hell. You are a person without political substance. Unayamba wawinapo ma election iweyo

  5. Pepani Bambo Kaliwo! Pezani Zina zochita izi zavutapo

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