Police told to investigate political violence cases


The Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has told police to investigate cases of political violence as the country is edging closer towards the general elections.

Addressing the media at a press briefing held Thursday at MHRC offices in Lilongwe, the commission pointed out the electoral violence in Nsanje and Mulanje during the recent by-elections, violence at AFORD convention and the violence at Parliament against Members of Parliament Bon Kalindo and Patricia Kaliati as some of the examples of impunity which is against peace and political rights in the country.

MHRC officials during the briefing

In her remarks, MHRC Commissioner Bertha Sefu said elections should not be a path of violence because it does not go well with the principles of democracy and human rights.
Sefu added that the constitution of Malawi gives every person the right to participate in peaceful political activity and to freely make political choices.

“The commission has however noted that in most instances, cases of political violence do not receive the kind of attention from law enforcement agencies and to an extent that they are never investigated to their conclusion,” she explained.

Sefu therefore asked the police to ensure that investigations on various cases of politically motivated violence such as the torching of a vehicle belonging to legislator Jessie Kabwila are conducted and concluded.

She called upon all the political parties to ensure that their members and supporters do not engage in political violence.

Sefu made it clear that the commission will name and shame all perpetrators involved in fueling political violence in the country.


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