Chihana challenges Mwenefumbo’s convention win


Enoch Chihana has disputed his opponent Frank Mwenefumbo’s claims that he is now Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) president.

Chihana and Mwenefumbo are fighting for the position of AFORD president and the party’s convention was expected to be held yesterday.

Chihana says convention did not take place

However, the convention was called off following disagreements between the two camps and there were fears that lives could be lost.

After the convention was called off, some party members went to Aford offices in Lilongwe where a parallel convention was held and Mwenefumbo was elected Aford president.

But Chihana has said he does not recognise Mwenefumbo as president of the party since the convention did not take place.

According to Chihana, as current president of the party he needed to open the convention and this did not happen.

He then claimed that the convention is expected to be held today.





  1. the party of aford need someone better not mwenefumbo

  2. the party of aford need someone better not mwenefumbo

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