Community, Police clash at Zalewa

Police this morning clashed with community members at Zalewa as the angry people wanted to kill a murder suspect.

Damage at Zalewa roadblock

According to reports, the angry villagers wanted the police to release to them a man suspected of killing a bicycle taxi operator so that they should administer mob justice.

The reports show that the bicycle operator went missing and a search party was instituted but he was not found.

Today, the murder suspect was found using the missing person’s bicycle and when questioned he admitted killing the bicycle operator.

He revealed that he told the bicycle taxi operator that he wanted a lift and later killed him on the way.

The suspect then led the angry people to where he buried the body. After the body was found, the villagers agreed to set the man on fire but police came and rescued the suspect.

This angered the villagers who started rioting. They damaged the police station and blocked road the road that passes through Zalewa.

Police fired teargas to disperse the angry crowd.



  1. Taking out human life cos of a bicycle? ???? What a disgrace?

  2. We’re calling deathpanerty to re-installed as possible for a notorius security

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