7 charcoal burners fined


Machinga Third Grade Magistrate Court has fined seven men K20,000 each for being found in a forest.

The seven were found guilty of conveying weapons into forest reserves contrary to section 43 of Forest Act.

CourtAccording to Machinga police publicist, Constable Davie Sulumba, the court heard that on February 20, 2018 the department of forestry and police conducted an operation within Malosa- Machinga forest reserves.

In the course of their duty, they came across the seven men conveying weapons such as axes, panga knives, hoes, empty bags and strings which were meant for charcoal making.

The charcoal burners were arrested on the spot and charged with conveying weapons into forest reserves contrary to section 43 of Forest Act.

When taken before court, they all denied the charge but were later found guilty after the state paraded three witnesses.

In mitigation, the convicts prayed for fair punishment for they are all first offenders and bread winners.

But the police prosecutor asked the court to impose meaningful punishments saying the convicts contribute to climate change due to wanton cutting down of trees.

When passing judgement, His Worship Third Grade Magistrate Isaac Kamanga ordered the seven to pay K20,000 each or in default to spend 6 months in prison with hard labour.

Constable Sulumba identified the seven as Joseph Yohane, 64, Wisiki Dickson, 55, Michael Manuel, 43, Victor Madeko, 28, frank Elisa 28, Ramuzy Balosi 22, and Madalitso Makowa 27.




  1. Aaaaaah you really use the constitution when the poor are wrong but when it’s rich ….. mmmmm why is it like rich people are above the law

  2. Mulandu osavuta ,kuweruza.milandu ikuluikulu kulephera kutha mpaka zaka 5.anthu akumudzi alibe chochita.dziko lamalawi lokondera,anthu akuvutika chifukwa cha kuba ndalama muboma.mulandu wa nkhuku 3 years.mulandu wa maizegate palibe.nanga wa nduna ziwiri izi.kuli ziiiiiiiiiiiii.

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