Fischer needs to be settled – Analyst


One of the political analysts in the country has advised Nyasa Bullets FC footballer Fischer Kondowe to be stable if his wish to become a Member of Parliament (MP) is to materialise.

This has come following a U-turn that Kondowe has done by dumping main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) hours after being unveiled as the party’s member.

Mkhutcha: An aspiring politician needs to have a settled mind.

Kondowe told the local media on Wednesday that he is not a member of MCP but he is an independent who is willing to work with any party.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the analyst Wonderful Mkhutche said Kondowe should be settled if he needs to make it in Malawi politics.

According to Mkhutche, switching boats at this time when he is new in politics can doom Fischer’s political future.

“When he was seen at Sidik Mia’s press conference, it was a confirmation that he was now MCP. His change, as of today, that he is now independent, will affect his political image.

“An aspiring politician needs to have a settled mind, a political identity people can easily relate with him. Fischer needs to settle his mind,” Mkhutche told Malawi24.

According to Mkhutche, Kondowe should make a concrete choice as he will have a stiff competition in his constituency since he will be competing against big names in politics.

“He will be going against famous names in Malawi for the constituency. It is high time he made a final decision and built his campaign around it,” he said.

On another note, Mkhutche said that people should trust Kondowe that once brought in the august house he will perform.

“Fischer should be believed. We may recall, in 2014 he also had political ambitions.

“The fact that he is also going for them five years later shows that he really means what he says. Let him be given the belief, and if it needs be, the chance,” Mkhutche told Malawi24.



  1. Iiiiiiii kumati fishe !!! fisher!! ndi ameneyu ? awa ndi chamba chomwe amasutacho ,ameneyu olo chibwezi alinao uyu ?ngati amakhalabe ndi mayiyake aziwa bwanji za mavuto omwe anthu amakumananao mdela lawo .

  2. Being a member of parliament its not just a wish of a day just coz u wake up and u start thinking of becoming a member of parliament it a dream from early age not just bcoz am able to be a candidet

  3. Anthu achinganbwewa mmm ayi ndithu, lero anena ichi, mawa anena ichi chosiyana ndi cha dzulo chija, malinga nkuti anakokayo anali wa grade wanji.
    Zaonetseratu he will not make a good politician.

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