Construction works at Chiwembe stadium start this month

Chiwembe stadium

…to host up to 10,000 fans

Chiwembe stadium
Construction works at Chiwembe stadium start this month.

Construction of dressing rooms and stands at the Chiwembe stadium are slated to start this month, the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has said.

A statement from the FA says that the works include construction of a new spectacular stand on the South west side of the pitch; construction of dressing rooms as well as a car parking area.

As for the already existing stands, the FA says they will be upgraded by having a spectator canopy as well as an installation of seats.

The project according to FAM’s Chief Executive Officer Alfred Gunda is being financed under the FIFA Forward programme to a tune of $1.4 Million.

The project is expected to run through to July this year.

The FA has since announced the facility will remain closed for use until the end of the works.



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