Lawi recollects 2017: A year of greater growth

From the days of Amenyere to Amaona Kuchedwa until now, the name Lawi is no strange to mention in Malawi’s music cycles.

A need for his introduction could only arise when telling stories of successful artists whose graphs of growth have earned remarkable upsurge in the recent years.

Lawi told Malawi24 his 2017 has been yet another year he has earned ultimate experiences that keep him moving with time that the industry demands.

Lawi: It has been a great year of personal growth.

‘’ It has been a great year of personal growth. I have enjoyed time in the studio and also had an album to release, its success has been the cherry on top. ‘’ he says.

Lawi real name Francis Phiri this year launched his second album Sunset in the Sun. He had previously told Malawi24 that the launch which took place at the Bingu International Conference on 2 December 2017 had been one of his key highlight in the year.

The 25 album had attracted the attention of many when its promotional track Zonenanena Kuchuluka earned unwavering airplay on radio and television station and alarming downloads on the internet.
‘’ The song name is a common saying. It is a true reflection of what follows after anything that draws attention happens. We have it in us as a people that whenever something happens it could be positive or negative, you will notice small groupings discussing it. Zonenanena kuchuluka mvula ikagwa is not a bad saying however what could be bad is what is being said when the rain pours.’’ Says Lawi when asked on what the concept of the song emanated from.

The album has other songs like Ngat Maluwa and Ubale.

Three weeks on, the artist will have to cement Sunset in the Sky and his many other projects in sealing up 2017 when he will dish out a performance in two shows this weekend.
The shows are headlined by Zimbabwean Jay Prayzah.

The first show takes place at the Civo Stadium on Saturday and another at the Blantyre Sports Club on Sunday.

Other top artist Lulu, The Black Missionaries and blossoming lad Saint.

He says’’ My management has a well put plan going ahead and each performance is a step towards excellence.

We grow from each performance. Every stage teaches us something new. I personally look forward to living life through music on this stage this weekend.

We have our own expectations and so does the rest of the world and we look forward to making beautiful memories everywhere we go to play.’’

But what has been Lawi’s charm to carry on a brand and a name a thing that most musicians fail to cling to over such a long period?

‘’ I have always wanted to express myself musically in the best way I can and I love the fact that I am able to do this comfortably. I have received a lot of warm support from family and friends. I have seen once strangers make huge contributions to my life as a person and my career as a musician. I can only thank God for blessing me with a wonderful world full of kind and loving people not to say you will not notice wolves in sheep skin in my world but the sun surely shines when it has to. ‘’ says the artist whose initial album Lawi had popular songs like Amaona Kuchedwa, Lilongwe and the Whistling Song.

He adds’ Passion and prayer. No easy road to walk on. I pray each day and through many moments of my days. There is God and he hears and answers our prayers this is a fact as my life story is the perfect testimony. There is no secret, I know what I want and go for it.’’
Lawi has since urged his fan base to anticipate maximum entertainment as the year 2018 beckons.

He says he will in the year 2018 be releasing music videos of his songs adding that he owes Malawians a lot for rendering him unprecedented support over the year.

‘’I thank my people in Malawi as they say charity begins at home and the diaspora for loving and introducing my music to their family and friends across the world and also for supporting in any way they have.

Today Lawi is a name that is acknowledged in Africa and beyond and we continue to grow not only because of our network but through the good word you put to others about the music and us as individuals.

God bless you and enlarge your territories as he is doing with us.’’ Lawi told this reporter earlier this week.

As Lawi puts it, sustenance of a brand requires a lot of passion and dedication, things he says he executes in his music career and no wonder Malawians still appreciate and remember the name Lawi in these and seemingly in those to come.



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