Youth trained on Gender Based Violence

Youths trained on GBV.

As part of the ongoing campaign against violence against women and girls, youth in Malawi have been trained on how to fight Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The young people have been trained by Youth to Youth Empowerment Network.

Speaking in an interview, Northern Region coordinator for Youth to Youth Empowerment Network Wangiwe Joanna Kambuzi said that the youths have been trained on how to help end GBV in their communities.

“We trained up to 35 in Ezondweni and 32 under Youth Action Movement managed at FPAM. We have this network in which we were all trained to train other youth in technical colleges on how to sensitize and create campaigns to end GBV,” Kambuzi told Malawi24.

She further said that the training to the youth is important because it will help them to be key players in ending GBV.

“Basically, this is important because as youth we are supposed to create a conducive environment that will probe change on the rise of GBV cases especially in colleges as well as our communities.

“When we train these youths we are creating changed mindsets hence they will have an influence on fellow young people and their surrounding stakeholders,” Wangiwe told Malawi24.

Sixteen days of activism against Gender Based Violence is an international campaign to fight violence against women and girls. Various activities are being held across the country as part of the campaign.





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