Gertrude Mutharika now a professor

A Chinese university has this morning awarded an honorary professorship to First Lady Gertrude Mutharika.

Mutharika has been confered an Honorary Professor in Global Health by the PeKing University School of Public Health of the Peoples Republic of China.

Gertrude Mutharika receiving her honorary professorship.

The ceremony took place at Segecoa Golden Peacock Hotel in the City of Lilongwe.

During the event, Mutharika also unveiled a partnership between Peking University School of Public Health and the Malawi Participatory Rural Development Organisation (PRDO) Health Research and Training Collaborating Centre.

Last year, Mutharika was awarded an honorary doctorate degree of Philosophy in Environmental Management by University of Malawi (UNIMA) for her work in environmental management and restoration through the Beautify Malawi Trust.



  1. Apulofesa achikazi kumandiweva dzulo ndinawakanira moni wawoyo nanga pulofesa kukongola chonchinja siziwona nkhope mwina zikanakana kuti awa ayi andiipisira mbiri

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  3. Congratulations…First Lady
    We really appreciate!!!! Only JEALOUS POOR PEOPLE will speak against your achievement! No wonder!!! Long live GM…….

  4. Nothing new here, if you have money nowadays you are already a ‘professor’. Money buys everything; we can see people buying Certificates, yet they failed examinations. Whatever you do gives you a good name or a bad name. Thank God for who you are!

  5. Nzeru zimathera pa u professor, kusogoloko kulibenso pepala lina, ndiye kuti nzeru zatha, mutu uleke Kukoka ngati ma prof. tilinawowa. Mundikumbuse ngati Ku US, or Ku China ndi prof. uti yemwe anawalamulira.

  6. She wanna be the future Malawian Grace Mugabe when Peter’s term going to finish. These days first ladies want to jump into presidency post when husband get retirement.

  7. Hahahahahahahaha……koma ma professor enawadi its just a name indeed we should not fear them, atleast some one who is holding a certificate of MSCE, Diploma or a Certificate in a certain field is much better than somebody who has just given the highest qualification paper as just a gift without even attending any University studies, she doesn’t even know how to conduct a reseach of a certain things, University assignments etc, its not easy to obtain that qualification, I never went to any University / College but I only know what happens when one is doing her / his studies at a digree, Masters and Phd level!

  8. Those peope with dreadlocks picking from bins in town should also been given certificates you Chineese dont you see them?They started way back before Madam

  9. i only forgotten to tell you really she was here in China last month our school i realised her face kwa principal Xiao Xin Xing…. ooooh amazapanga zimenezi eeti

  10. phd imeneyi ikanapta ku escom chfukwa cha blackout osati kwamaiyu ali nd doctorate yamsalu chfukwa chakusamala abambo kuchpinda iz zadziwka kut azmai pano azilandila phd chfukwa chamsalu mwawo et oky tamva nkhan nkusamba mokwanra komaso kugwira bwino ntchito kusubi

  11. A useless ‘qualification’ ! Get the real thing by studying with an accredited institution. It is these type of qualification that led Grace Mugabe astray, thinking that she was really educated!!!!

  12. I wonder why they choice to honour the first lady of Malawi a professor, why don’t they honour they onw Chinese first lady, why Malawi not even all other countries in the world .

  13. I ask madam where are you taking that professor when we are going to take over the government… Coz it just remean piece for your husband to go back where he is belong to continue his garden boy duties… Kkkkkk Chinese title hopefully your going to stay at China coz the green book had already with drawn kkkkkk my father,your also my professor

    1. Dreaming is not prohibited but it pains in the morning if you realize that you were only dreaming.come 2019 DPP will swallow Yona and keep him in the stomach for another 5yrs.mcp is good at opposing it had its 31yrs of torture and killing so never again with MCP

    2. Mmmmm Mr…l think belongs to party l l stand for every Malawian…look on our fifty year of our independent plus democracy what Malawian benefit..sleeping in round houses if they sleep on the electricity which mean they its black out how many patients died in hospital due to this black out…l hope if is not your father is on that party that your sporting hopefully you still in dam and death but God never make it

  14. Typical of Malawian Graduates they only know how to write Beautiful English in undermining other peoples achea ment but most of them perform below average.

  15. kkkkkkjkkj zirbe ntchito zimenezo ,magesi akumazima NDE wina kumanena kuti warandira u professor amawerenga nthawi yanji,kufuna kuwabera amalawi basi tiziripira ma professor awiri ziko rake riti

  16. Ngakhare naw day akadzi powafusila anasiya kufusa za ma pepala they just look for chithandidzo and money.we don’t care about professor Middle finger

  17. koma dziko LA Malawi ndima proffesor kkk Mandela mbeki mwai kibaki Putin even Aldolf Hitler sinamvepo akupatsidwa zimenezi koma dziko losauka kujijilikila zopanda pake

  18. Congratulations, and then what? Degrees galore in what faculty, how does an obscure Chinese degree benefit this recipient, is it supposed to inspire our people or elevate her stature? Tireless work and commitment to society’s needs is more honour than any degree from any institution.

  19. I don’t believe the Chinese are naive or stupid as most of you think here …They have seen something good she is doing and they have decided to recognise her work and encourage her ..what’s wrong with that ?????…..koma akanakhala abusa….nsanje zimenezi muyamba Nazo ufiti mapeto ake..

  20. Now it makes sense why chinese degrees and PhDs are doomed doubtful by some quarters. As much as some will think is jealousy but the truth remains that awarding such accolades to someone who did not even taste a university assignment is a disgrace and disrepute to the academia, as if that is not enough this in an awardee who knows how to stretch her hands to beg, the same Chinese gave her resources which he use to cheat Malawians that she is doing great work let alone the same Chinese awards her as being a special performer and retarded Malawians applaud that! However for the Chinese it’s being strategic trying get more recognition and penetrate Malawi holistically to ensure that they send thousands of Chinese here as part of population control and make huge profits while destroying our environment. Malawi can’t see that

    1. Chinese companies manufacture durable and good quality products but we are not the market that can afford them hence sending those low quality product to us. Its market segmentation

  21. Why the hell do these Universities keep on honoring our so called leaders? For what really? It’s these honors that corrupt their minds and start acting funny thinking they’re above everybody! Bloody Malawi

  22. Za pa thako professor ndekuti chani zauchitsiri amayi wogulitsa kachasu ngat awa mukatinyase ife stupit

  23. Mwati chani? PHD anakayitengera school yake yiti? Nanga pano apanga chani academically chowapatsa u professor??? Koma ku Malawi nkuvuta kukumvetsa… Tizingokhala

  24. Ndichifukwa chake yesu khristu anakana ma ufumu apansi pano amaona zinthu zina mwaizo ndi izi,munthu akhala bwanji profesor uyu wapanga chani ku mtundu wa amalawi?kusesa mmisewu ndikumanga zipilala Mma lound about mtaunimu?ma china mwationjeza.zabwino zose profesor Gertrude Mthalika

  25. These lazy titles only demean Education efforts to upcoming kids. From nowhere you become a professor?? So two professors will be sharing a bed at state house?? Kkkkk.. That’s awesome.. But doing nothing!?…

  26. That is non of my business
    My problem is that i just saw my shoe maker wearing the same shoe that i gave him to repair. And wen i ask him why?

    He said that they are on a road test

  27. taonapo ma profesa ife who went to school osati mungodzuka basi nane ndikufuna uprofesa u profesa is a hard task mwina poti mwandi wa CHINA

  28. Kkkkkkkkk that’s an African song, paliponse za ma degree ndima PHD koma phindu silikuoneka, it’s like Africans go to school to victimize osaphunzira

  29. Nsanje lekani kodi China ndi Malawi ngati?mulekeni nzanu walandila degree sanatenge ndalama zathu mwanjila inailiyonse Kma mukupsa mtima zoti sizanu bwanji?

  30. awadi akufunika ku mental ! koma anzao ai ! iwowo maphunziro awo akuposa Chakwera ? nanuso olemba nkhani mukufunika ku mental konko coz nza akuboma nde kutiuza nanga za Chakwera simnatiuze bwanji ?

  31. If i call all those who read this comment,their parents are or were professors, can I be wrong? Because they fed you,give you shelter,school fees,pay medical bills,defend you,make a birthday party for you,bought clothes for you the list goes on.They too deserves to be professors zamphweka izi Inu,tidzingowona ena akupatsidwa?

  32. Atleast is from a chines university, who doesnt know that things from china are fake. oh wait a minute, is she trying to follow disGrace Mugabes footsteps? wake up Mr APM

  33. Eish bola typist grace Mugabe ndithu. Izi .zochitisa manyazi. Proffesor? Kkkkkk koma miyano. Congrants.Proffesor getrude msesa mmmiseu mulupare mutharika mumatiimilira?,

  34. no doubt to see comments from my fellow Malawians kukhalira kunyoza basi pamene opasidwa uprosesawa ife sitingafanane nawo and palibe chingasinthe kwa ife or titanyoza bwanji. when one is doing well just say one word…..congratulation!!!!!

    1. What is she doing well in my brother? Mobilizing funds to make people sweep in streets the work already done by city assemblies????

    2. Look at your eyes and search your soul Che maloia. you have mentioned yourself what she is doing. I don’t need to remind you. Have u ever done any work to your country and recognized by any society?

    3. Anold….thats y we malwias never develop coz we tolarate stupid things……thats y getrudi munthalika store money but nobody ask coz we tolarate stupid things…..she know that we are brind

    4. Kuli ndipo kunali amalawi anapanga ndipo akupanga zazikulu pamalawi pano,koma uprofessor nyansizi? Mwachita bwanji anthu wopenga inu.?

    5. Mr. Coste thank u for your abbussive language. iam not here to say what u are saying. This shows how u were raised. feel blessed and God should forgive u.

    6. There is nothing sensible this guy can say.
      His name tells he is from southern Malawian. I remember you people that’s ur basis for supporting and voting.
      Tribalism, regionalism and senseless stuff like that.

    7. Let her celebrate,but to malawians ithink we have nothing to celebrate for the is nothing good we can see in that profesorship

    8. the problems is some people think we can reflect the same ideas.let them talk brother thats what empty tins are best at.i wonder how her education platform is much of their concern so less is the concentration of their everyday life.

    9. Zopanda ntchito, munthu even dissertation saidziwa, contributing no intellect nkumakati professor, anthu onse ali ndi tima bungwe tawo taukhonodi akanawapatsa honorary professorship bwenzi aliyense ali professor. There is just little to no change in the way our cities look with the coming of her BEAM, but go and Ask the budget going in BEAM…

  35. wosafuna akhale pali zinthu zina zomwe or inu ndi ine tisafune mwiniwake akafuna zimatheka munthu sayipira wonse bwanji manyazi ndi nsanje yathuyi? poti yanjiru nkhuku siiswa.

  36. Zomvetsa Chisoni komanso zamanyazi. Malawi pano ndidziko lowawa kukhalamo pamene zinthu zambiri sizikuyenda interms of magetsi. Nde wina ndithu nkumakalandila PhD yosesa munseu ndikutola zinyalala zoona? Si malodza awa

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