PP MPs seek guarantees for JB

Joyce Banda

People’s Party Members of Parliament (MPs) want assurances that party leader Joyce Banda will not be arrested as one of the conditions for an alliance with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Mutharika met PP legislators on Sunday including government critic Kamlepo Kalua of Rumphi East and Banda’s son Roy Kachale of Zomba Malosa to discuss a possible alliance between the DPP and PP in Parliament.

Joyce Banda
PP MPs fear arrest of JB.

But the PP MPs sought assurances from Mutharika that their president Banda who is in exile will not be arrested when she comes to Malawi.

“They [the PP team] also wanted that if she [JB] comes back, she should not be arrested,” one MP told the local media.

According to reports, PP also want two of its MPs to be appointed cabinet ministers in Mutharika’s government.

On its part, the DPP said it will not have candidates in constituencies where PP has strong candidates during the 2019 polls.

People’s Party secretary general Ibrahim Matola said the party is not involved in the discussions since he was barred from entering Kamuzu Palace when he went to attend the meeting.

“When I went there, I was turned back at the gate. The party is being left out and whatever negotiations are happening are for themselves [the legislators].”

MPs who attended the Kamuzu Palace meeting include party spokesperson Noah Chimpeni (Nkhata Bay South East), Maquenda Chunga (Mzimba South), Ralph Jooma (Mangochi Monkey Bay), Beatrice Mwale (Kasungu North), Malani Mtonga (Karonga South), Kalua, Wallace Chawawa (Zomba Chingale), Patricia Kayinga Nangozo (Zomba Central), Welani Chilenga (Chitipa North) and JB’s son, Kachale.

However, Harry Mkandawire (Mzimba West), Rachel Mazombwe Zulu (Mchinji North) and Elias Wakuda Kamanga (Kasungu North East) were not invited as they are suspected of working with opposition Malawi Congress Party.



  1. Ena akamalakhula ndinadabwa nawo, MCP zidzawina mudadzinamize, DPP ikuwina mosakayila bushiri anaona kale ankakwera ya jb ndiye watsika wapna kuti ndi yakuphwa

  2. Dpp osachita mmbwerera zimenezo atabwera jb akalowe ku Maula talira mokwanira , anthufe mmatitenga ngati ngolo zany eti ? Nkhumba inu! Akhakaka! Macashgeters !tikukuonanitu maplani anu! Ana Anoka foseki

  3. These politicians are playing our mind and here DPP want to use Joyce banda as a game changer in 2019 elections.tikuziwa kuti she will never go to jail for being God mother of cash gate …..amuluzi ali phee atasolora 1.7 billion kwacha ija …sitinaiwaile ife

  4. Let her pay wat she stole from poor citizens. She has money 2 do so.how do u pity some1 who never felt pity on u by stealing the little u had? Cage her..!

  5. ithink mr president thought verry well for making option to copy pp mps to join the dpp coz JBs cases yet he want to backup his minster honourable george chaponda for maizegate but let me warning you pp members and suppoters don’t allow to join dpp coz at the end you will be shameful both of u when u will lose 2019 coz people they can confirm exactly that mr president has failed to run the country and ialso wonder last time he was shouting mrs jb that her is a thief so when her repenting her sin to be an innocent people please pp members be watchfull with dpp iknow that some of u you want money but iswear u will realize laterown

  6. Samalani my joys nsapha umenewo adzakukwidzingani basi munatibela ndalamazathu inu athukumamwalila Ku chipatala chifuka chosoea makwala

  7. Apange mgwirizano wambazo ,muone mmene mudzagwere,yese amene zimamuwawa zimunyasa komaso zidamunyasa zakubazi adzavotera chakwera.munthu wanzeru zake opita ku xool bwino komaso okonda dziko lake sangavotere peter chakwera alipompo ai

  8. The problem is that the people want change and they are tired of such alliances formed under the pretext of a poor man. You cant fool the people all the time , count yourselves out this time around.

  9. Pp is not strong party to fear with. Believe me if it is true that they want to make alliance in this coming election, ,mcp will going to win with a wide men kkkk

  10. Zachamba ngat anaba asamangidwe bwnji Ambuye anuwo mukunamatu inu,and for yo information mwina simukudziwa Dpp ndi ma crook mupanga Alliance inu mkumat mwadala Abiti abwere hooooo mpamene mudzaonere mawanga a Dpp,Mai wanuyo kut ngati wamangidwa kkkkkk

  11. Asamangidwe Jb Chifukwa Cha Mgwilizano? Akukhuzika Pamilandu Ya Dpp Kapena Ya Ndrama Za Boma? Opusa Akhoza Kuzakuvoterani Koma Wofunila Ziko Lake Zabwino Sangapange Zimenezo

  12. Now u want JB to be above the law for the betterment of your own?Now something secrete is happening.I hope that an agreement is already made.If the rumours that DEPECO is to be registered,and Bushiri,JB are part and pacel.If the deal has gone jeopardising and now the proffet supporting Dpp.PP and Dpp alliance is underway.Aaaa!!!! Something is happening lets wait.

  13. If JB is gurantee anyself or no arrest,de same guarantee must go to all involved in cashgate scandel.If not we are going to swearing Pro Vincent Wandale as pres of MUST.

  14. I would like to think differently, politicians take Malawians for granted If this coalition gets set up its worthy choosing someone who has never been in active politics in Malawi. Otherwise it seems politicians can rape, spit and blow their noses at Malawians while feeling guaranteed that they can manipulate Malawians and get their votes. If this coalition arrangement comes true then that’s immense disrespect and abuse of Malawians. I blame ourselves, Malawians ,including myself for being too stupid, too passive and foolish in supporting these recycled and proven greedy leaders just because i am from the south or north or centre, lets wake up malawi! its time to show these political prostitutes that enough is enough we can no longer tolerate this kind of abuse and taking us for granted all we want is visionary, corrupt free and development minded leaders. Why can’t DPP show the nation if Joice Banda is guilty or not? they promised to do that in 2014, but Really? wanting to stay quite for the want of more votes thru coalition with PP? Why can’t DPP and its president prove to the nation that they are not “Prince of thieves ” and thugs? they promised to stamp out corruption, why providing refuge to the so called “sacred-cashgate-strapped- cows?” Honestly I would go for someone without any history of political filthness in Malawi, better vote for someone with unknown or less known political profile than known accredited assailants and partners in crime!

  15. She must first declare the whereabouts the money made from the sale of the jet,let her tell Malawians the truth and also answer about cash gate allegations.

  16. Lumikizananidini chifukwa kupanda kutero dpp payokha mmmm kaya za ulendo uno boma likhoza kuluza nde samalani bola ukawina pitala nde uzapange litaya nangasi tikuona kuti zipanizi zilowa zambiri mu dpp mu

  17. It’s too stupid for PP to go into alliance with DPP on JB precondition of her safety once back home.. Kkkkk.. I thought joint common senses out of the alliance would be turned in broader strategies of simplifying 2019 elections against possible winner MCP? PP, it’s only MCP or opposition that will fix the issue of JB and further prosecute Dpp thieves accordingly when judiciary will be purely independent away from selective justice??

  18. Anthu ake ndi omwe aja now they have strategised better to join hands to share what is left for Malawians. Two thieves no mercy one cake one cuts and the other finishes the other half Malawi will be left nude with these two parties. And this will not be politics but stupidity……

    1. Iwe Ablaham Banda Ukut Mwagwilizana. Wagwilizana Ndindani? Usasokoneze Zinthu, Ngakhale Vp Atakhala Mia Akumpotofe Tizavotera Chakwera, Ife Chomwe Tikufuna Ndichoti Dpp Izachoke Basi.!

    2. The best thing for the north is to seccede and become own nation! Its high time the north which has been sidelined for long not to participate in self forgiveness by plunders of this country! All pointers show that UDF, PP and DPP have plundered this country and this new move is to forgive and cover up each other! DPP covered UDF, now DPP want to cover up PP! Northerners wake up! After all there is very little the region is benefiting from national cake and development

  19. if Joyce Banda will also succumb to this then she will be out of her senses, with all the humiliations to the extent of living like a refugee because of Dpp, and if it’s true Dpp want to incude pp in alliance then this is hypocrisy,with all insults on cashgate saga, afterall I doubt if pp is still a party which can influence any political change now,it’s time Malawians should change their mindset

  20. This is the real evidence that DPP is covering corrupt ministers and now wants to cover smbody DPP has been saying of killing Bingu, cashgater, etc. JB NDE NAYESO NDE NDI MBUZI NGATI IZI ZITHEKA

  21. Dziko la nyasalande limangodziyendera lokha kulibe malamuro ndipo amene amazuzika ndi anthu osauka omwe salowelera nawo za ndale chifukwa ngati atangolakwa kamulandu koba nkhuku basi kokafela ndi kundende

  22. What is the common denominator between DPP UDF and PP? They are all parties founded by families. The Founder’s interests becomes first before those of ordinary Malawians. Inu ma supporter a ku ma stand mulibe chonena on how these parties are run….

  23. Mwayamba kumangolembano maganizo anu apa. Mkumati akuti akufuna guaranteed. How can this happen pamene Ali osalakwa. Ngati Ali ndi mlandu warrant of arrest ija idapita kuti, who is keeping it and why?

  24. Mark Loppah it is true she’s involved they know very well, however, it will be the end of Dpp Regime in 2019. It looks like Peter is a ” Clueless leader”, we will teach him a lesson of ” POLITICAL SCIENCE”.

  25. Tiyeni tikoze mavuto a ziko lathu agalu inu. Busy kumapanga alliance pamene mavuto ali thoooo. 24 hrs blackout, kusowa kwa ndalama, anthu akungokhala m’mashop or kugulisako koma inu busy ndikulimbana kuti muzagwese MCP . Stupid zambuye anu.

  26. Koma guys atsogoleri athu akutipusitsa.kutero basi jb alibe milandu.nanuso amene muli boma ibani basi palibe omanga Mzake.mbuzi za anthu.

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