ESCOM CEO Mwapasa fired


Amid continued blackouts, government has fired Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) Chief Executive Officer Evelyn Mwapasa.

Mwapasa: Fired!

This is according to a leaked ESCOM internal memo issued on Thursday, November 9 and signed by Director of Human Resources and Administration, D. Z Namandwa.

In the statement, Namandwa said Mwapasa has been replaced by Alexon Chiwaya with effect from November 6.
The statement further states that Mwapasa has been redeployed within the public sector.

This is coming hours after people in the country’s capital city of Lilongwe protested against continued blackouts which have hit hard most parts of country.

382 thoughts on “ESCOM CEO Mwapasa fired

  1. mmm the issue is Bushiri just becos she gave in an ok order …and the goverment is furious as they did with Football association when they got help from him then but development is for people not for govt …we lack people who can love the people and not political parties

  2. I hate gender based violence thinking.

    Come out of that evil box you people.
    Being a woman does not disqualify one to take any position.
    Any woman qualified for that post can deliver as equally as men.

    Gender based violence thinking and speach I hate coz they are evil.

  3. APM is busy firing people but he is the one who has messed up this country.The only solution is not firing the innocent people is for you to step down falling which we will fire you 2019.

  4. We Were Facing The Same Challenges During Bingu’s Rule.When Joyce Banda Took Over The Office The Problem Vanished.This Has Got Somethng To Do With The Political Issues.We Call It ‘the Underground Movement’.Honestly Speaking “i Hate Ths DPP”

  5. If a soldier is not well equipped how is gonna fight the battle. ….stop blinding us….the best way is to seek investors outside the country. ….the problem the egineers we produce in our colleges cant even make a wooden tooth pick….thus why even today ….Together with same graduate we still buy tooth pick imported from China….now should we say we don’t have trees….kuzichepesa a malawi kumativuta ndikuvomereza zomwe sitingathe…

  6. And even now, as we pay our tributes to the fallen Mwapasa with our anonymous posts of goodluck to her and shortlive the goverment, another fall out in its own kind, and one that Malawian hearts concede positively with even drop of thanksgiving in entirety lurks. The 5000kwacha note goddamn it! Everything was wrong even before it was to happen! And today! We have more thieves on the outside than on the inside, we have more intellectuals than man-power, we have more students than teachers, we have more patients than medical personnel, we spend more on smartphones than food, we have more people qualified for field work drinking coffee in the office, we have a lot of people going to school than going to work, we prefer experience we trust to find in retirees than inject fresh blood to bring about change, we have but all developed a culture of spending than earning and saving, we’ve lost the vital pride that can lift this poverty-stricken country to great heights to suit everyones comfort, we have many graduates still writing letters to certain posts than investing to make their own doors knocked on for contracts, we focus on today and tomorrow and not the 50years to come, we look for recognition and high praise than starve ourselves for a measure long run of success, we do not appreciate when good is done, when called to action, we fall short because of our lack of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm to love and enjoy what we do. There are a lot of bullets of truth to kill a Malawian heart but he wont die, he doesn’t accept the truth. So good luck to Mwapasa, Go find yourself a hole to hide in but SHORT-LIVE THIS GOVERNMENT

  7. My Advice to RVG Make Sure The Team Is Playing Attacking Football Icould Be Happy If He Use 3 5 2 Systems We Need Goals Although It Is Afriendly Match Bt This Game Will Paint Apicture On Hw The Flames Can Stand The Heat Of Morroco And Cammeron Next Year.All The Best To Flames.

  8. It’s the government that has failed & not mwapasa ,how can the government expect mwapasa to deliver if she has no resources? shame to you the Malawi Government. what you know is corruption but failing to run the country yet you have all the resources.

  9. My friend you don’t know what you are talking this woman was good at work even Joice too was good, if you are saying so that means you don’t know what is good and what is bad.

  10. Firing mwapasa it is nt the solving the problem, Escom and goverment should come out with solid plan to solve this persistent blackouts, the country cant develop without electricty

  11. Inu was dat e way of empowerng women? Mwaonatu mavuto omwe amabwela!!

    Let her go & takecare 4 ha family,
    mpando umeneu ukufunika osetela zikonyo nt tissu-paper.

  12. Malawi, as a nation, has some challenges as problems of our own making.
    This country has people and resources but it is “we” ,Malawians, who are to blame.

  13. She Is Nt A Problem Coz She Bin Stayin Under The Apron Of Giants DPP Government Officials Who Win Contracts Yet They Gatta No Knowledge On Electricity N Also Too Much Honieying.Wi C Wi Wil C Nt Achange 4ever Unlexx Change Ths Type Of Govenment Atleast If You N Mi Malawians Try Federal Goverment wall!!, My Busines Has Closed Up Cant Manage Generatorx,n Now Even Remember Grandsfather Words Genuine Ngwazi Dr H K Banda May Hix Soul R I P That Poorer Levels Shall Widen Extremely N Richer Shall Widen Extremly Large,if Humans(k Banda) Were Tears Wi Wud Only Nid A Cry N C Them Out Again 2 Rule Bt Oh! Tearx Of Blood

  14. She Is Nt A Problem Coz She Bin Stayin Under The Apron Of Giants DPP Government Officials Who Win Contracts Yet They Gatta No Knowledge On Electricity N Also Too Much Honieying.Wi C Wi Wil C Nt Achange 4ever Unlexx Change Ths Type Of Govenment Atleast If You N Mi Malawians Try Federal Goverment wall!!,bt My Busines Has Closed Up Cant Manage Generatorx,n Now Even Remember Grandsfather Words Genuine Ngwazi Dr H K Banda May His R I P That Poorer Levels Shall Widen Poor N Richer Shall Widen Rich Levels,if Humans(k Banda) Were Tears Wi Wud Only Nid A Cry N C Them Out Again 2 Rule Bt Oh! Tearx Of Blood

  15. She Is Nt A Problem Coz She Bin Stayin Under The Apron Of Giants DPP Government Officials Who Win Contracts Yet They Gatta No Knowledge On Electricity N Also Too Much Honieying.Wi C Wi Wil C Nt Achange 4ever Unlexx Change Ths Type Of Govenment Atleast If You N Mi Malawians Try Federal Goverment wall!!,bt My Busines Has Closed Up Cant Manage Generatorx,n Now Even Remember Grandsfather Words Genuine Ngwazi Dr H K Banda May His R I P That Poorer Levels Shall Widen Poor N Richer Shall Widen Rich Levels,if Humans(k Banda) Were Tears Wi Wud Only Nid A Cry N C Them Out Again 2 Rule Bt Oh! Tearx Of Blood


  17. in malawi when we talk about blackout they say luck of fund to maintain machines yet sameone just came and say i can putting fund on Escom ndichilinga kt kuzima zumaku kuthe tsopano ena amene akulephela nkhani ija aipititsa ku ndale pamene magets amapindulila anthu ambili nkakhale akumudzi kulibwino kumvomekeza kt talephela ndipo akufuna kwambino aikepo dzanja ngat tose amalawi

  18. Boma limakondwera ndi mbava. Mayi uyu is too ethical and a no nonsense one. Amapingika naye popanga njira zawo zakubazo. Mulungu waona ndipo wina alandira dipo lolingana ndi chachitikachi.

  19. Fired or Redeployed somewhere? Fired means removed sent home made jobless.She has been transferred to another job not firing terminology

  20. vuto ndilakuti a Malawi till today sitinavomelezebe kuti mzimayi nayeso ndi munthu oti atha kukwanisa….. Mwapasa ndi munthu oziwa ntchito koma vuto ndima Juniors ake .. samafuna kukhala pansi pa mzimayi …nkona samagwila ntchito ndicholinga choti mwapasa yake ithe… there is extrmely male chauvinism here in Malawi.. wina ndi CEO wa NCHE amuchosa uja.. kuteloku nd one by one azimayi onse omwe ali pamwamba ntchito za zitha by 2018 june chifukwa chama juniors awo ozikonda

  21. Govnerment is right because some a taking it in politics just they are in frant.well done remaing one that one who send people to cut power of bills while no power.

  22. Why are you trusting women too much, putting them in higher position, don’t u know God created a man before women, if we keep on putting this women in higher position, believe me we will face more challenges in our country

    1. Really? You think things are failing because women are being trusted with higher positions? Could you explain what you could do different BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAN to solve the issue of blackouts?

  23. The problem is not who is in charge of ESCOM but the government…It doesn’t matter who leads the company as long as the politicians interfere and milk it..

    1. politicians indeed they are ruining our country. in all sectors these guys have interfere and am wondering where Malawi is going

  24. Kkkkkkkkkk Peter has completely lost direction,M’mimba ndi muchipaladi, Bingu anali munthu oganiza kwambiri while this guy is always beating about the bush. Kkkkkkkkkk

  25. aaaaaaaaaaa bwanji ndimayesa kuti mumune apangila fire boss zinthu lero zisintha ,and lero tungochaso tayamba ndi black out nde zikuonesa kuti palibe chingasibthe aaaaaa nde apanga palibe aaaaaaaaaa

  26. I dont think its the solution to the problem may but am not sure There must be a problem even though you can fire all the staff members i hope it wont sort it out.

  27. comenting on these isues yeilds nothng. boma limadana ndi kuthetsa vto la magets, imagne hw the electricty bill ws discusd last year, mot 200 MPs palibe anaganiza zot if mor campanies were alowed 2 sell their enegy the problem wld hav bin solved?

  28. How many times have fired Flames’ coaches? Has the national team improved! What does it tell you? If there is NO WILL, nothing will improve!

  29. m’malaw vuto amakhomerera munthu akakhala ndi nzeru wina ku nzimba anapanga magetsi oyendera mphepo anankanza m’malo mongopanga naye umodzi kumafusa nzeru bax amafuna zimenez kut anthu azitibera mma coridom magetsi akazima akuyenera kuganza sharp be4.

  30. At last one incompetent fool gone. Who is next ? Please appoint someone that has run a electrical large electrical utility successfully. You need to get the correct person in this position not a friend of a politician or a uncle or aunt….

  31. Mwapasa is related to the Mutharikas,she will be given another job elsewhere.This is just stage managed to save face and find a scapegoat

  32. but these reporters my understanding she has just been redeployed to another field as manager as well.Its like the way he used to to reshuffle cabinet ministers.. firing means that has been left jobless.. Malawi will never go higher with such kinds of reporting issues.

    1. You are quite correct in that they never seem to fire anyone as in leaving them jobless. They move them to another department where they continue being unable to do the job as required. I also agree that the reporting is very often quite off the mark, but to me that is just a frustration. Malawi will never go up not because of poor reporting ( although that needs to be addressed for sure) but because of this ‘firing you but here’s your new job’-thing. I am sure there are up and coming young people who are eager, willing and able to take up these important postions?

    2. English is just a langauge and not a measure of intelligence. these reporters they only know how to write english but they are not intellectully good in how to use english words when reporting issues for people to understand.

  33. The first ddp defueled the country and when one took ova the gvt,the country was abundantly refuelled.The new dpp de_electrify the country,what do u think could be the solution?

  34. akazi ndachani amalawi pantchito zaphindu ngat zmenezo muziwaika child afear amenewo olo kapena ku zakulela osat ku magesi kupusa bac kapena mkufna kutamandidwa nd maiko aazanu kt mkuyika azimai pasogolo?? mkupusa sangazakuvotereso anthu mkuchita zaukape bolaso akulu anu aja inu nde nyasi manyowa eni eni..

  35. I saw this coming but it is too late.
    Zinthu zaonongeka kale!!!
    Timva zambiri even za ma generator omwe anagulidwa aja mzimayiyu akuti knows nothing

  36. zausilu izi,mesa escom claimed dat frequent blackout ndi chifukwa chakut madzi achepa…ndye wachepetsa vadra ndi Evelyn yoh that’s y wachotsedwa?hahahh

  37. Mwapasa has failed..Not because she is a woman but bcoz during her Era as the CEO @ Escom jinthuuu shijidayendeee apaaa
    Sizamayi kapena abambo apaaaa demet,,,ayeseko enaaa

  38. DPP ndiyo yalephera kuthetsa black outs.vuto mlakuti anthu akalowa m’boma amawona ngati ndi nthawi yokolora apa DPP ikolola osada nkhawa.mzimayiyu analibe vuto ayi koma she was overpowered by one who was appointed contract akutuluka mbomamu amangogawana lero si izi..

  39. Thus agud development, she was nt fit for her position, being an officer u need to look forward for all the challanges ur going to face.
    Mwapasa was paid for being achief officer, if we blame the President, wat was the meaning of Mwapasa’s position?

  40. That’s just collateral damage in a quest to further their political careers. They just want to be seen that they’re doing something about this crisis.

  41. Guys kodi ndizosatheka kukhala ndi ma pump akulu oti atha kuyika kusi kwa ma turbine opangila magetsi aja kumawabweza madzi amene agwila kale ntchito kuti azipitaso Ku ntunda kusiyana ndikumawaleka kuti azipita onse Ku Zambezi river

    Anzathu amagwilitsila ma floating boats kupanga magetsi

    Ife tulo ndi madzi ambiri akagwira ntchito amangisiyidwa nkumapita ku zambezi

  42. iiiiiiiii DPP why.mwagwidwa njengunjetu apapa kkkkkk.trying to get a solution? Mwapasa was not a problem but escom-gate is what has made her to look like she has failed.dpp shame to you all

  43. Ine mwina ndikufunika maphunziro apadera kuti mwina ndidzathe kumvetsa zomwe amachita olamulirawa.
    1.Machine ogula 1950 kodi angakwanitse kupanga magetsi okwanira anthu 17million a lerowa?
    2.Munthu oti sanapangepo zokhudza magetsi mukukamupatsa udindo opanga magetsi chifukwa chakuti akuwonetsa Blue kapena amachokera dera la kwanu. Kodi pangakhale ntchito apa?
    3.Bomalo likungogwiritsa ntchito magetsi aulere, ma bill alitho 100billion osafuna kuyipatsa imene mukuti Escom kuwojezera apo mukutengakonso ndalama zomwe a Malawi ovutika amalipira ma bill awozo mukukathandizira chipani. Kodi muganiza kuti ESCOM ndalama ikatenga kuti kuti ilipire kapena kugulira zipangizo zofunika popanga magetsiwo?
    4.Kodi vutoli mukuwona kuti akupangitsa ndi amene mukuti a CEO? Nanga amene mwawayikawa magetsiwo akawatenga kuti ngati simukuwapatsa ndondomeko komanso zipangizo zoyenera?
    Pepani ine ndi kapolo wachabechabe wakumudzi.

  44. I don’t seen any mistake s from Evelyn zikungofanana zikungofunikakuti ayese kufusamaganizo amphawi amene akubvutika kufa muzipatala chifukwa chamagets akatero ndekuti public info ikugwira ntchito koma apo biiii the is nothing can change

  45. I don’t seen any mistake s from Evelyn zikungofanana zikungofunikakuti ayese kufusamaganizo amphawi amene akubvutika kufa muzipatala chifukwa chamagets akatero ndekuti public info ikugwira ntchito koma apo biiii the is nothing can change

  46. Vuto ili likhoza kutha ngat a traffic atamauza akabaza azimanga malamba ndposo a galimoto aziima tchen chikagwa, a escom zikomo , mdimau upangisa kuti a malawi mozipereka tifike pa 34million chaka chammawa

  47. Pulezident mmalo moti azichite fire okha amupezelela mzimayi osalakwa .boma lakhala likulalikila kuti mu nsinje washire mwachuluka zinyalala komaso mazi aphwelamo ,chontcho makina a magesi akulephela kugwila ntchito bwino. Lelo mwamuchosa mzimai ntchito mufuna kunena kuti iyeyu ndi amene akupwelesa mazi komaso kubwelesa zinyalala munsijeu ? Kapena iyeyu ndi amene amathimisa magesi mwadala kuti anthu akhaule? Mukamapanga zinthu muzikumbukila kuti nthawi yakamuzu ndi anthu angati amagwilisa ntchito magesi nanga lelo ndi angati ? Vuto ndi maboma omwe takhalanao mbuyomu kuti sanachite invest pa nkhani ya magesi , osati kuchosa mzimai ntchito ai .inu ngati mukufuna kuthana ndi vutoli mangani ma power station ena kuti azipanga magesi okwanila ,osati ku bwelesa ulova pa munthu wamai , yemwe Ali ndiudindo osamalila ana ake komaso banja lake.

  48. Kuopa kuyaluka ndi opposition paja Parliament iyamba mawa. Vuto loika anthu achibale mmaudindo layamba kuonesa zipaso..

    APA amalawi mwazionera nokha munthu amene anawononga Bingu mulast term. First term yaBingu ndikuilira chfkwa uyu anali kumshona kwakeko


  50. Firing CEO’s cannot solve the woes Escom is in. Bingu fired Kandi Padambo using same reasons of black outs. Did the problems vanish? No. The problem is the govt.

    1. the problem u think the government is the president.she was appointet to run ESCOM if she cant bring results firing her is a good move.she stopped the deal of procuring generators saying she suspected corruption practice in the proccess and said it is better to stay in blackouts

  51. Si kuchepa kwa madzi koma otsutsa boma ndi omwe akugwirizana nd a escom kuti azichitsa ma black outs pofuna kuipitsa mbiri ya boma sikut amalawi sakudziwa zimenez ayi

  52. Actually I did not read the post but I think the girl has no right to beat up her boyfriend in public. Maybe they should report the matter to their village elders but if the neighbour refuse to pay his rent they should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car

  53. I blame government for putting a woman at first place to lead such an important organization, women are good at house keeping and taking care of kids, a good example is Joyce Banda she messed up everything and run away!

    1. The govt thought it wisely then find out that the CEO causes frequent blackout. Me thought it’s the obwande there at the top .

    2. thats his opinion cabessa,why all coment gone mad againts him. amalawi chamba.why cant you go against who fired who koma mpaka mudziwike kuti inu ndie odziwa kutchula ziwaro zamthupi pagulu.iwe chilambo pamene watchulapo thupi lako palibe.azibambo opanda mzeru amatchula ziwaro zobisika pagulu,mchitidwe opusa.tiyeni tizitsutsana mwa nzeru osati mwa nyasimu

    3. the guy is right,, and dem true, thats why in China they dont have a woman in all top positions, which organasation is going well in malawi that is headed by a woman??? Chiumia failed,joice failed,akweni failed list goes on,,,

    4. Does he know that the UK is headed by a woman by the name of Theresa May? How about Liberia which has been headed by a woman since 2005. Not to talk of Germany. These are super powers in their own right. What is Escom not to be headed by a woman. Primitive thinking. Shame on you.

    5. Eish you are treading on thin ice now, my friend 😉 You cannot generalise like that. God has given people different talents, including women.

    6. My friend there waz power all day when Joyce Banda was in power,in fact she iz by far the only performing contemporary president since Kamuzu Banda in terms of service delivery to her country. Re phrase ur comment n jst say u hate women,

    7. This premitive retrogressive kind of thinking will take us nowhere? Alot of women have excelled worldwide. This just shows how narrow minded you are. Shame!!!

    8. Am dumbfounded…damn its 2017 and you think lyk the ice age??grow up n get a life.P.S stop smoking whatever it is yo smoking,its slacking yo levels of thinking.

    9. Had it been that women were made for household there was no point for them to go to school. There are many brilliant women in this country who are doing great job than men .If one woman makes a mistake doesn’t mean that all women are the same.

    10. What’s wrong with a woman. ..some women can do much better than men. …Shame on you. are still having mind ya chikale kwabasi. …I think even your wife is in a problem. …??

    11. Sizikugwilizana. In 2017 people still think like this? Woman or man things would still be as is. Your anger is misguided .

    12. ngati akazako ali goalkeeper pa den pako doesn’t mean kut nzimayi aliyese akhaleso goalkeeper omangodikila azimuna awo awaponyele,,, mukulingalila mopepela tu

    13. Disagree with you! Women contribute more than being a Mum, wife & sister. Women can multi task and are s valued contribution to our society and businesses. You the hell bore you? Your precious mother respect her by not being so pumpkin headed!

    14. If amuna ena sakugwirizana ndi chowonadichi ots better asayankhulepo kanthu.
      There is no any equality betwen men and ladies.
      Ngati inu muli mamuna then mkimafanananso ndi mkazi pakiganiza …pakagwidwe kantchito ngakhalenso kuchikhalidwe…..ndiye kuti inuyo ngopunduka….
      In my lifetime I have never seen a man forcing himself to be in the same level ndi munthu wa mai.the ladies always brings in this idiology when ever it suits them…but logicaly we are not same….thats all.

    15. Furious doesnt even begin to explain how i feel right now after reading your comment. ?. I mean seriously!!!! You come here and talk gibberish like that? If you have never met a woman of acomplishments in your life, i feel sorry for you. Oh and i can give you an example? doctor who loves knives…scapels to be precise.. pulling 36 hr shifts back to back, standing on my feet for 8 hours without drinking or eating on surgery teams helping save lives (of coz with the wisdom from God). And just so you know, those stay at home women you consider “belonging in the kitchen”, are waaaay accomplished than you think. Give them credit . They work tirelessly feeding,bathing, cleaning and caring therefore raising healthy kids. That is one of the greatest accomplishment on its own!! So next time open your eyes,think about it before you come here again yapping nonsense and embarassing yourself.

  54. Comment On This Reserved,but Zovotazo Nde Ngat Ndtasowa Omuvotera Ndie Bola Kungokhala,nanga Mpaka Kuvotera Satana Oyankhulayo Kungomva Kut Mukufuna Magetsi Osathima Esh Kaya Zanu Nd Miracle Poweryo

  55. Kuchotsana nthito sikungasinthe zinthu olakwa simayiotu.look pano we are still in black out,government don’t point fingers kwa anthu musiyeni Mai this is now politics.mumamutsata kale not because of black out shame on you

  56. vuto silimenelo,siyani umbava oba ndalama basi mukatero vuto latha! ine sindimavesa mpaka lero kut kodi joyce banda magetsi samazima chifukwa chani?? osamfusako zelu kut 2yrs yake ija anapanga plan yanji kut asamazime?? vuto lili kumalawi simungafuse zelu azanu muopa kuoneka opepela.

    1. Iwe ndi waboza, munthawi ya joyce magesi ankathimanso chimozimozi, kdi inu munali kti nthawi imene ija? kupatula kumchosa munthuyu pa udindo, kunali bwino kupeza company ina ya magesi kti pakhale mpikisano kma zoti in joycez term magesi samathima ndie mukunama, i think inu munali matchona kapena munali ana.

    2. A whyson inu ndiamene munali kunja or else simunkalipira ma bill nde anakudulirani magetsi kwanuko. Coz ife nde sankathima during JB time..

    3. Anthony Tawauzeni A Wysoniwa,magesi Samazima,ndikukumbukila Bwino Ine Azungu Omwe Ndimagwila Nawo Ntchito Anachita Kundifusa Kut Kodi Chachitika Ndichani Chaka Chimenechi Magesi Sakuzima,azungu Anachita Kusangalala Kumuyamikila Msogoleri Kumbali Yamagesi,kusiyanisa Ndi Zaka Zina.

    4. Guys you are right, let me agree with you during jb time there was no blackout like this we are experiencing nowadays apart from her govt londering the money but she tried her best.As I am talking now magetsi azima kale panopa here along zomba raod ndipo tangozolweraso becaz akazima chonchi ndi mpaka cha mma 11 akateroso mawa surtaday amazimaso 4 am kudzayaka Sunday mmawa

  57. Nde nanga bwanji athimaso? Kodi imapanga magetsi ndi escom kape chanu mwapangachi ichi mukuchitcha egenco? Kapenatu mwina amakukanizani kusolora

  58. Amenewa asakhale akungofuna kutipusitsa ife,,mesa zonse amachitila limodzi kapena kuti m’mayi amuchotsayi amkamwa madzi kuti tisamakhale ndi magetsi okwanila …kulibwino onse achoke tichite kuyambiraso one tazolowela kale kungona no magetsi,,,ndiye uthenga wanga opita kuboma lathu ngati uyu mwamusakha nokha sasitha zithu mungomulola bushiri akoze zitha

    1. Iwe mbuli kwabasi Bushiri wachani,ngati mukufuna ndalama zakumidimazo mukangomujoyina koma zoti iye adzalamulezo ayi,mkwiyo wa Mulungu uli kale mdzikomo usachulukenso chifukwa cha a Satana ngati Bushiri yo. Iyeyo okhala weni weni wa Mulungu angapange za dziko lapansi m’malo motumikira Mulungu?

  59. wen demand is high and supply is low zimakhala coco..palibe cacilendo kumalawi kuno magetsi ndi ocepa kusiyana nd ofuna kugwirisa tchito ..boma likanayesesa kupeza machine ena kut magetsi atikwanire tonse

  60. kuchotsedwa ntchito ku Escom uzisangalala zimakhala ngati watulidwa mtolo wamisomali umene unasenzesedwa opanda nkhata komanso utametedwa mpala.

    1. Ukunena zoona chifukwa bomaili linatenga ngongole zoopya kupangila kampeni kudalila kuti tikatenga boma tizabweza ndepano angongole akufuna zao tilila amalawi

  61. zisitha mwati? mesa amati madzi ndamene akuchepa? nde Chiwayayi abweretsa madzii? Koma nde musitha simunati coz mvulanso ikagundika zinyalala zitseka mapipe nde Kaya pazabwera ndani? tizingopenya ife mukazatopa muzangotseka company yi basi aaaaa

  62. Vuto si Mwapasa ayi vuto ndi machine omwe mukugwilitsa ntchitowo,mukagula ena vuto limeneli lidzatha koma akakhala omwewa onse audindo ki Escom atha.

    1. But you also have to take into account that this problem can’t solved overnight, check the population , check the environmental de gradetion. Very unfortunate that this government came at this troubled time otherwise had it been that previous governments thought of the future this problem couldn’t have been a problem today. Of course new machines but they’ll need water since they are hydro driven. Thanks for your understanding

    2. When you say this government what do you mean?. DPP has been in power for 11 years besides the 2 yr break which PP took over the leadership. And the people governing now were Ministers in the previous government including the president himself. What did he do to invest in the future?. This is not a blame game. Let them solve what they are supposed to solve that putting blame on others. Ngati zawakanika anene

  63. Chimzimayi chimathumimitsa magetsi ndi chimenechi eti mbuzi ya munthu achita bwino kukuchotsa bola usamuuze pothimitsira magetsi amene abwereyo popatsana ma handover

    1. Yu don’t know what you are talking about you Moron.

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