Ministry of Health fails to account for K1 billion


The Ministry of Health has failed to provide supporting documents for about K1 billion that was paid out as allowances in 2016.

According to the local media, workers at the ministry spent K882,256,021 on allowances but there are no supporting documents such as invoices and receipts .

MoneyThe audit report which reveals weaknesses in financial and internal controls in the implementation of Centre for Disease Control Malawi funding activities, says K265 million was given as allowances to people who are not civil servants and K399 million to people who do not exist whom the report suspect were included on the programme with intent to defraud public funds.

Staff such as messengers and secretaries were also given allowances meant to be paid to medical workers only. K61 million was lost this way.

Employees at the ministry also stole K73,475,400 by drawing allowances at inflated rates.

The report recommends that the secretaries and messengers should be punished for getting allowances for activities they did not participate in.

We believe these officers were included for the sake of drawing the allowances and were not involved in the actual assignment.

These officers, therefore, received allowances for an assignment they never participated [in] and should be disciplined accordingly, says the report.



  1. Just got the news that a few days ago my cousin is no more bcoz of a snake bite since there were no drugs at the health facility these ppo in govt are silent killers

  2. I wonder if at all internal auditors are effective. Its incredible, annoying, these thefts could have been prevented if there were competent auditors to assess and enforce nternal controls. Or is it that auditors have joined the looters ?

  3. Most of people working in finance sector in government luck technical competence thats why they dont understand the need for internal controls the do things ignorantly without realising that it will fire back on them, How could somebody in finance transact without supporting documents for the transaction and who was approving such transactions without source documents.

    Please government recruit people who are technical competence we have so many young proffesionalsb out there with technical competence without jobs.

    What the purpose of ICAM

  4. koma kukanika kugula mafuta a generator ati kulibe ndalama .mwabayiba kutukwanitsa president ngati akulephera muli inu mwaba.mbuzi za anthu.the problem is that we have numerous and incompetent DHOz who are there to steal and push a burden to the minister and president sack them out.we have very brilliant, patriot doctors who can replace many thieves in the health meetings mukuti full board.ndalama mukugawana ndi a ma hotels and motels.I will name you one day. Pricks and son of b………z

  5. Bava iz tiona,,time will come tidzachita kumanga ndende yanthu onse cashgate monga ngati……komaso achina……mudzaona

  6. Abale dzukani. The elections have never improved the lives of the poor but only improves corruption to its
    highest level. The poor call it kuba but for the elite is a normal system and many can hardly be arrested. Those who are arrested are stingy and they are taught a lesson to know how to share a piece of cake. To be poor today is a bad news.

  7. Anthu Akufa Kusowa Mankhwala, Kusowa Ma Bed Ogona, Chakudya, Transport Ma Ambulance Ochepa, Zipatala Zilibe Ma Generator Magetsi Akazima Ena Mukuba, Ngatidi Moto Uliko Kumwambako Mukapsa Zoopsa Zija Asankhwi Akuba Inu

  8. Anthu akuba akumanjoya ndi ndalama zotibera ife tomwe. Kuli ma mayiko ena wa sangamatumbwe kumanyada mmisewumu. Atakonzedwa kale. Malawi azingosaukabe basi. Mulibe chisoni anthu inu.

  9. Were there ghost workers or these common rats & untamed pests? We need clarification and penalties due them. Bravo the auditors!

  10. As l said, the most dangerous people in this country are those we so much trust and respect .The word Umunthu is not in thier lexicon.

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