Woman behind bars for dumping newborn in pit latrine

Baby legs

A 42-year-old lady is in Police custody at Blantyre Police Station for dumping a newly born baby in a pit latrine.

According to Blantyre Police Publicist Augustus Nkhwazi, the suspect is Angella Chikwakwa of Wilson Village, T/A Tomasi in Thyolo.

Nkhwazi said on Thursday at around 9pm, the woman gave birth to a baby girl and dumped it in a pit latrine within Sumani 2 village in Blantyre where she lives.

A woman who stays close to the suspect in the same village heard the baby crying from the pit latrine and together with other people managed to rescue the baby.

“The matter was later reported at Manase Police Unit and the police arrested the suspect,” Nkhwazi said.

Meanwhile, the baby is at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre where it is being taken care of.

Chikwakwa is expected to appear before court to answer the charge of concealing the birth of a child which contravenes section 232 of the penal code.



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  3. Paja azimayi amasiku ano mukufuna chitsikana eti? Kodi chitsikanacho chimakoma bwanji? Kuwona muthu wamkulukulu koma akukana kumulemekeza, eeee eee zovuta izi,

  4. Wickedness doesn’t mind age that lady she is evil and cases of stupid behaviour among women it’s increased why azimayi inu? Ziwanda zija mumakatenga kwa ma guy has started manifesto in some stupid ladies, killing n kuvula anzanu ndiye pano no women protection it’s imprisonment mercy maybe ma husband should have piece of mind ngoooooo

  5. I dont think that the lady is normal,there are women who doesn’t have children out there like myself n i’m already 50yrs,I wish u could give me that baby bcz i never got a chance to have one.

  6. if i were a judge,i could have slapped her 18 months while the elephant killer to 13 yrs becoz animals are more impotant than a human being kkkkk

  7. kutaya mwana wamoyo amaganixa chani ameneyo akuyenela kulandila chilango chachikulu kt ena atengele phudxilo.kkkk anxake akukwela phili nxaka kufuna mwana ena ena akutaya mwana shame to malawi. we need aprayer for that lady ndikanakhala ine jadge mbambadi mwina athu bwexi akuthawa kut ndisagamule khan yawo ndikana jaja kut akakhale k ndende moy..xaka xake xo…akaya axikanawoneka ximayi wopusa iwe.

  8. i always thought that age nthawi inayake imapanga contribute to how We think and behave in the society… at 42 she has to be an example…shame!

  9. wina aba mwana here in lilongwe 4days ago………… She is a cruel woman & whether we forget about it , but history will not 4gv her…….

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