Coffee farming needs support – Farmers


The Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has asked government to consider investing in coffee farming if the crop is to be relevant in the country.

This has been said by FUM’s President Alfred Kapichira Banda during an interview with local media.

Alfred Kapichira Banda
Kapichira Banda: Coffee farmers lack motivation.

Banda said lack of motivation to farmers and poor road network in the Northern Region where the crop is being grown have been major challenges making the crop to be sidelined.

He added that the crop which was used to attract to foreign currency in the past is today being considered as an unprofitable crop by the farmers.

Kapichira went on to say that farmers in the Northern Region are disappointed with the low prices of the crop when it is on the market.

“Farmers are very disappointed with the pricing of the coffee itself, it is sad that they work hard with the hope that they will sell the crop at good prices but their hopes and dreams are shuttered when the time comes for the crop to be on the market,” he explained.

Kapichira also expressed worry over pathetic coffee farming infrastructures such as warehouses which he said have not been improved  ever since coffee farming begun in the region .



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  2. Farmers Union of Malawi it’s the one to take leading role to support mumangothawira ku ma small farming, mtedza, soya, mbatata try this one osamayesa zida that’s why you choose that name farmers union Malawi meaning any farmer is under you even ganja farmer kkkkk loi

  3. Many Growers substuted coffee with are we going to convince this growers.almost 500hactares of coffee zinatipulidwa recently in Thyolo, now what are you talking about hmm!

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