Referees want more youth to join profession


National Referees Association (NRA) says it wants more young people to be trained as referees.

The association said this when outlining some of the key areas to be addressed in the next four years.

Malawi Referees

Referees urge youth to join the profession. (File)

Last weekend, the association went to the polls where Patrick Kapanga and Chris Kalichero were re-elected Chairperson and General Secretary respectively.

Asked on some of their priority areas in the next four years of office, Kalichero disclosed that they would like to devise a vibrant succession plan for the continued efficiency of their work.

“A succession plan is our major priority because most referees are running out of steam, resulting in frequent failed fitness tests. So we would like to drill more young referees to carry on the work when the current crop blows its final whistle.

“We are therefore inviting all interested boys and girls to join this exciting venture,” said Kalichero.

He added that the other area of concern is to increase the number   of officiating personnel in all regions to ably cater for all league and cup competitions.

On what his body will do about the deteriorating standards of officiation in the country, Kalichero pushed the blame on the clubs for not being well conversant with the ever changing laws of the game.

“As referees we meet every week at regional level, to appraise each other on the laws of the game and conduct fitness exercises. But clubs don’t have time for that. Surprisingly most of the officials and players often hit out at us yet they are not well conversant with the laws,” charged Kalichero.

He concluded that it is high time clubs and referees joined hands to move together and stay on the same page regarding the interpretation of the laws.




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