PP supporters back Uladi

Uladi Mussa

People’s Party (PP) supporters have backed Uladi Mussa’s decision to remove party founder Joyce Banda from the position of president.

Mussa announced last week that former President Banda is no longer leader of the party and he is willing to take over.

Uladi Mussa
Mussa has back up.

The move has received support from the party’s followers who have claimed that Banda has failed to run the party and cannot continue being its leader while she is away.

James Mazgopa who is chairperson for PP youth at Zolozolo in Mzuzu said Mussa should be allowed to lead the PP.

“There is nothing wrong for Mussa to take over PP because Joyce Banda failed even to thank people who voted  for her, even to cheer flood victims that suffered especially here in the north,  so Mussa got all rights to claim the  position,” he said.

A PP die-hard called Juliet Msiska from Mzuzu accused Banda of planning to impose her son on the party by suspending leaders from the Northern Region. She therefore backed the move to overthrow Banda.

“Procedure Mussa took is not allowed in the party but sometimes we Malawians should learn how to run a party. PP is a national party not a family party so Joyce Banda wants Roy Kachale to lead the party which is not acceptable.

“People like Khumbo Kachali, Sidik Mia and Kenz Msukwa together with Banda formed People’s Party but where are they now, today we heard that they suspend Hon Makwenda Chunga why?” asked Msiska.

Another member who did not want to be named chipped in: “Uladi Mussa did a recommendable thing since PP mandate said so. It’s his right to express his desire. Former President Joyce Banda will never come back home, If she knows she is innocent why staying abroad not to come and defend herself.”

In Lilongwe, PP supporter Patrick Mtuwakale said Mussa is wrong as it is too early for the party’s leaders to be declaring themselves as president since a convention is yet to be held.

He told Malawi24 that all people who are vying for positions must relax and let party members put them where they deserve.

Another PP member Mary said Mussa and Banda should focus on building the party for it to be strong in all regions of the country.

“This is just meaning that we have no leaders who wish the party good. I don’t think this is the right time to be fighting for positions since we all know that soon the country will have by-elections.

“Why not wasting energy on that by convincing Malawians to vote for our candidates? This issue must be solved and we should all move together as one family preparing for October 17 by elections and 2019 tripartite elections,” she told Malawi24.

Last week, the PP National Executive Committee (NEC) suspended Mussa from his position as acting president of the party but he has since insisted that he is still PP leader because the meeting that decided his fate was not attended by all members of the NEC.

Additional reporting by Mile Lyson Zgambo.



  1. Uladi has gud ideas, how come that a party in Malawi shud be led by someone who z outside as if there’s none here capable to lead it?

  2. kikiki 2 camps. One want it to keep the “peoples” name. The other one want it to bear the family name as chipani chaku banja la uje hihihihi

  3. Thats a sign of ubulutu,umbuli, kusowa khalidwe,kudelera,Mussa and his fake supporters are aware of the procedures to follow not kungoti wakhutitsa nsima ya vaka then u come on the air,”kumbwambwantha”.

  4. she ran from d party and country with no rizon
    then uladi supported unfed babies. ..now she hear that that party is getting stronger she want to b the kwin

    she is stupid in my opinion

  5. choncho nkumati anthu akupatseni dzikoli? dzilumanani! mapeta anthu odana ndi mcp amasowa kopita kamba ka ugalu wanuwu

  6. Komadi zinazi apa Amai akhala ngati munthu watheba amene sakumbuka banja lake ku mudzi.Kodi mkazi wamunthu ngati uyu atakwatiwa ndi brondon yina ndi kulakwa?

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