We will buy your maize, ADMARC tells farmers


The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) has assured small scale farmers in the country that it will buy their maize.

These sentiments follow fears that ADMARC will not be able to buy maize from farmers in the country due to accumulated debts it has with banks.

Maize flour
ADMARC will buy maize from farmers.

But speaking to members of the press in Lilongwe on Tuesday, ADMARC acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roka Mauwa said they have been funded by government to buy maize from small scale farmers.

Mauwa added that they have since bought 26,000 metric tonnes of maize from local farmers from all parts of the country.

“We got the first K6 billion and last week we got the last K5 billion, making a total of K11 billion. Our storage capacity can hold up to 400,000 metric tonnes of maize,” said Mauwa.

She added further that ADMARC is to despatch a stock of maize to National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA).

The Malawi government directed ADMARC to buy maize from farmers following a maize exportation ban in the country.

The ban has since stirred debate as some stakeholders have argued that the move will punish smallholder farmers.

ADMARC is currently failing to pay Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZFC) for over 4000 metric tonnes of maize the Malawian parastatal bought from the company.

The grain marketer was expected to pay ZCF using a K26 billion loan obtained from PTA Bank.

However, the loan was sourced through a Letter of Credit which required that payment was to be made upon delivery of all the 100,00 metric tonnes of maize and with only 4000 metric tonnes of maize being delivered in Malawi, ADMARC failed to access the K26 billion as the Letter of Credit expired on December 31, 2016.



  1. We don’t need a prophet to prophesies next harvest Farmers won’t be encouraged as maize farming it’s expensive think of grain storage otherwise better switch to other crops.

  2. Rubbish government, to hell with ur policies.DPP must go. We had Kamuzu,Bakili,,Joice,&Bingu,things were moving but with peter >pepani ndithu.

  3. Sometimes kumawaputa dala anthu sibwino mwava? or mukhale sitikusowekera kuva mfundo yopusa ngati imeneyo! chimanga ife tathira mankhwala chaka cha mawa tidya chomwechi ndalamazo ndizanu yachigayo tizikatenga ku bank mkhonde, makasu tidula zikwangwani zanuzi munsewumu! agalu achabe chabe gulani mavenda omwewo tiwona chaka chamawa amene awalimireso agalu amenewa ife chakudya tisunga Demeti!!!!

  4. Very stupid,when are you buying the commodity? Do you realise its geting close to the farming season and people are waiting to sell the commodity so they buy farm inputs? Are inhuman?

  5. Bodza mukugula anzinzanu okha okha ndalama zikumatha isiku umodzi mmene osauka adzibwera apeza zatha kale mulindinsambi

  6. Please farmers just plant little maize for food and plant more Chamba for cash because government is always delaying to buy maize. let me remind you how much work need to be done before harvest.(1) clearing bushes (2) tilling (3) making ridges (4) planting holes (5) planting (6)weeding (7) applying fertilizer (8harvesting) (9)taking away from farm ( 10)removing from its main cobs (11) transporting to the market. This work is being do for more than 6 month yet you buying it for cheaper price. Byee see you in 2030

  7. They better do that otherwise farmers can’t stop selling maize outside even if our country is in need of maize

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