Kenya presidential election cancelled


The Supreme Court in Kenya has annulled the result of the last month’s presidential election.

Citing irregularities, Chief Justice David Maraga said a new vote should be held within 60 days.

Uhuru’s re-election nullified

Justice Maraga said the 8 August poll had not been “conducted in accordance with the constitution”.

The election commission had declared incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta the winner of the election by a margin of 1.4 million votes.

But Raila Odinga, leader of the opposition National Super Alliance party, declared the election a sham, with claims that the commission’s IT system had been hacked to manipulate the results.

Kenya becomes the first country in Africa to annul presidential election.


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  1. Kondwani Mkhalipi-Manyungwa, the Kenya Presidential elections already took place and it sounds silly when you say they have NOW been ‘cancelled’. Learn to use correct terminology. It seems that Malawi24 has very unqualified reporters, most likely failed Form four leavers. Shame Malawi24!!

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