Activist worried over increase in gender based violence


One of the country’s gender activists Emma Kaliya has expressed worry over continued cases of gender based violence in Malawi.

Kaliya said it is very worrisome that incidents of gender based violence have increased such that some women are being killed by their partners.


Emma Kaliya : Worried over increased number of Gender Based Violence.

The activist was reacting to an incident which happened in Lilongwe on Saturday where a man stabbed to death his ex-girlfriend.

Speaking to one of the local media houses, Kaliya said the country continues to register such cases even after several efforts have been made to deal with the malpractice.

She then said that there is need to deal with the violence accordingly claiming everyone has a right to live freely.

Two weeks ago a 30-year-old man stabbed a 29-year-old woman over a K750,000 debt in the capital city of Lilongwe and this week a man killed his former girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the two men have been arrested. One will answer the charge of grievous harm while the other has been charged with murder.