Chiradzulu DC suspended over corruption


District Commissioner (DC) for Chiradzulu Memory Kaleso has been sent on a forced leave for misappropriating K170 million.

This is according to spokesperson for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

Muhlabase Mughogho

Muhlabase Mughogho: Has confirmed of the news.

Mughogho told the local media that the DC has been sent on a three month forced leave for abusing funds amounting to 170 million Kwacha.

The spokesperson further said the district commissioner misappropriated funds from Other Recurrent Transaction – ORT.

It is further reported that Kaleso used the money for other purposes without authorization but it is not clearly stated how the money was used.

The DC has been at loggerhead with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) since April this year, which is likely to open up questions over the legitimacy of her suspension.

She ruffled the councillors’ feathers when she refused to issue them with allowance to attend political meetings organised by senior DPP officials. She had also refused to the councillors’ request for a government vehicle so they could attend a DPP rally.

Pressure for her head had been mounting within party ranks to the extent that ruling party officials had once sealed her office in April to force the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to transfer her.



  1. Nowadays people are dreaming to be in high ranks with the aim of robbing. When such kind of people found, they must be punished to the maxmum. We are fed up of hearing these stories in our country.

  2. Poti si wa chipani chanu kapenanso sapanga nawo zandale kapenanso safuna kupanga zoipa zosakhudzana ndi ntchito kapenanso Poti ndi monthu wa mayi.

  3. Hey, I sense something fishy here. Did this poor lady DC give these people a cheque at their fundraising gala? It appears she didn’t and there she is…… Cry my beloved Nyasaland!

  4. It’s just unfortunate that this has happened. Last month when I travelled to Milepa on Chiradzulu – Miseu Folo road, I saw Memory the DC at the Boma and several women in the Minibus we were travelling in admired her. She was sn icon of women empowerment. As a young lady to hold such a high office it’s very admirable. I hope she comes out clean of this mess.

  5. As a matter of urgency could the government overhaul the operations of councils by deploying qualified personnel, particularly internal auditors.Here the government should be prepared to pay market rate perks as one way of retaining them. It seems councils are poorly staffed coz of people are paid condolence fees in place of reasonable packages which lead to cashgates.

  6. Dr H Kamuzu left this nation a corruption free koma tinaliwankha dzikoli nafikira mmanja mwathu ife okonda maltiparty’fe eh!!!!! Tidyeletu mwina mawa zizandichoka……. Usovenge.

  7. Ndipo Ku Chiradzulu ndikwathu mipopedi kulibe,mijigo ndi yochepa mukhonde mwa Bt zoona?John Chilembe anamenyera ufulu ndiye Chiradzulu tidzingobvutikabe? Aboma tithandizeni zomwe wachita mai uyu.Salary yambiri mukufuna kubanso Ntima odzikonda ,osakonda ena shame

  8. What is the president doing of all these corruption scandles? Is JB in Chiradzaulu now? Up until the president shows signs of maturity in dealing with corruption tizingolira ma online news choncho without tangible results it begins with Peter himself he is taming corruption crying for my beloved home. Ndikangokupeza Memory uziwanso,

  9. Mufune musafune leave or vote for another president or not Malawi will be continously a corrupt, Why we people from Malawi we don’t believe work hard as other country, but after Education then eats other people’s sweat, Ndizomwe timadziwa a MW.

  10. Cashgate yabowoka in a poor country so called Nyasaland.Mpakana ndi azitenje omwe akuyionetsa nawo.Depriving the poor from accessing quality social services.

  11. Ma DC ndi chikhalidwe chawo kusokoneza chuma cha m’maboma,ambili mwayiwo amadzitenga ngati ma president a ma district,kuyiwala kuti ndi ma civil servant chabe,

  12. Kkkkk kamuthu kabwino bwino baasi nkumabanso? Iiiii abale koma nkani ya dollar iiiii n’chimodzi modzi ndi mwamuna kukakamila mkazi shaaaaaa!.

  13. Abaleee, this woman hasn’t stolen any money. Remember DPP government has never liked this woman because she doesn’t tolerate the No sense of DPP in Chiradzulu. So this is a mere propaganda to remove this woman so that they can be stealing easily. If you dig deeper you will find that she denied to contribute taxpayers money to the Blue night.

  14. We’re Praying That All Who Selfishly Enjoy And Enrich Themselves With Public Funds Be Brought To Book.Till When Will Poor Local Malawians Continue To Be Robed Of Their Limited Resources?

  15. We’re Praying That All Who Selfishly Enjoy And Enrich Themselves With Public Funds Be Brought To Book.Till When Will Poor Local Malawians Continue To Be Robed Of Their Limited Resources?

  16. Now i can see malawi is not pour but selfish and corupt people makes it pour last week it was mzuzu dc today is chiradzulu that give as sense of coruption is in the d c’s offices

  17. Corrution ikuyambira kulikulu what mo enawa vuto ndilakuti ife amalawi sitimadziwa kuti ndalama zimene boma limatolera kudzera kumisokho ndizathu moti tili ndi ufulu kuliuza boma zoti lichite ndi ndalama zimenezo malo mwake chifukwa choti timangokhala osanena kathu ndalamazo zimangodyedwa ngati mene zachitikiramu shame on malawi shame

  18. Thought she was the one accusing Ward Councillors in the district that they were pushing her to release funds for projects in their Wards with an aim of embezling them. Amawakanizanso ma allowances ameneyu. Lero mukuti chani??????