NRB workers want daily allowances increased


Registration workers in the ongoing national identity registration exercise have asked the National Registration Bureau (NRB) to increase their daily allowances from K5600 to K20,000.

In a letter addressed to NRB, the workers have complained that the money they are receiving is not enough since the cost of living in the country is high.

Grace Chiumia

Registration workers are asking Chiumia to act on their grievances.

“You must be well aware of the difficulties we are facing and expenses we are incurring in our various locations.

The amount paid to us is considerably on lower side and this has caused most of our colleagues to resign as the amount is not enough to cater for daily expenses,” says the letter.

The workers have asked NRB to implement what responsible Minister Grace Chiumia said during the last session of Parliament that the registration officers are receiving a daily allowance of K10,000 and government is considering to raise the allowance to K20,000.

“This information alone entitles us to a legitimate expectation to receive these allowances,” says the letter.

The workers have argued that a daily allowance of K20,000 will adequately meet their needs and motivate them to perform their duties with dedication.

On another note, the registration officers have condemned NRB drivers for overspeeding the organisation’s vehicles saying the conduct could potentially endanger the workers’ lives.

“The accidents that have occurred recently have left us all anxious to travel in these speeding vehicle. We therefore humbly request that you counsel the drivers to take extra care on the roads to avoid further accidents,” says the letter.


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