Chiwamba clocks 6 years in poetry


Malawian poet Robert Chiwamba has this month clocked six years in poetry and to celebrate the milestone he is set to release a poem.

As part of the 6th anniversary celebrations in poetry, Chiwamba will on 7 August release a new poem titled “Dziko lapansi ndilokondera.”

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Chiwamba: to release an album ‘Dziko ndi lokondela’

In an interview with Malawi24, Chiwamba said since he joined poetry some six years ago he has had successes and challenges along the way.

Chiwamba who was voted Malawi’s number one poet by Facebook users in 2016 said he has achieved a lot in the past six years.

“The journey has been a mixed one full of ups and downs. I have made friends with different people because of poetry.

“I have won some awards, administered some writers’ workshops and performed at all premier festivals in the country,” Chiwamba said.

The poet whose popular works include ‘Flames sidzamva’ disclosed that despite the achievements, there have also been some hurdles.

“Despite the achievements I have met challenges too, high costs of producing albums and performance venues, piracy and lack of enough support from the corporate world are some of the challenges,” Chiwamba told Malawi24.

He then thanked God for the talent and all stakeholders who have partnered with him over the years.





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