35 Ethiopians nabbed for illegal entry


Police in Karonga district have cornered 35 Ethiopian nationals for entering into the country illegally.

This is according to Karonga police officer Inspector Chitseko who was on duty as these foreigners were being nabbed.

Inspector Chitseko said the Ethiopians were arrested on Tuesday evening in the district.

The officer said Karonga police station got a tip off from the general public that the Ethiopians were hiding at Tenenthe hills in the district.

Upon receiving the tip off, the station sent a team of officers led by Superintendent Hassan to find the truth about the tip off.

Upon arrival at Tenenthe hill, police nabbed over ten Ethiopians who were hiding and they also came across other Ethiopians hiding at Kayelekera hill.

On their way back from these hills, the team also arrested other Ethiopians who were seeking refuge at Wiliro area along Karonga – Chitipa road.

During the operation, the police arrested 35 Ethiopian immigrants.

Meanwhile, the matter is under investigation as police want to get more information about the Ethiopians.




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