Health expert wants Malawians to contribute to hospitals


One of the health experts in the country has asked Malawians to donate to public hospitals so that the hospitals should have more sources of funding.

The call has been made by activist Dorothy Ngoma when responding to how the health sector can deal with problems such as shortage of funds and inadequate facilities.

In her remarks, Ngoma suggested that government should do something that can assist health sector to come out of problems such as shortage of medicine and equipment.

Dorothy Ngoma

Ngoma: We need to support our health delivery.

She asked government to allow well-wishers contribute towards the sector with any support that they can afford and in so doing things can change for better.

“We do have people who are doing small business others are working, we can ask those people to contribute with anything they have, not much even if it is K50 a month or K20 it can make things to change,” she said

Ngoma added that the contributions can assist the health sector to buy more drugs and improve its service delivery.

The activist also hoped that every person in the county is aware of how the health is struggling to provide its services to those who are need of it.

Ngoma therefore asked the general public at large to try and accept that the health sector is in need of every Malawian’s support and in so doing it will be easy to come out from the current challenges.



  1. Go ku midzi people are suffering and yet you are suggesting this? Why can’t you with your experience come up with an idea to end poverty in Malawi, it’s people like you I hate to the core

  2. The health expert that asked for donations why can’t he implement the initiative? He must tackle the proper issues before he suggests that crap

  3. Where is the money that mra are collecting? Where is the money that we pay for VAT and mukanena za bwampini wanuyo I thought kuti mudamumusankha nonkha! Now think for us poor Malawians that don’t even know where our next meal will come from? How are we going to contribute to the health sector? I challenge each and every member of the political freternity to use government provided health facilities and see how it is?!whoever suggested this idea is a morron her kids or his knee kids are in the UK or Europe and they want to tell us how to suffer when we are already suffering?

  4. I really second the idea. It’s one way of making good Malawian responsible and start thinking again. But there should be a consideration of a medical scheme for the disadvantaged only.

  5. Curb the common practice of being wasteful with little available resources amongst hosp workers first, then we may consider the idea. I had contributed some short dated items at our nearest hosp and only to find them on sell in a market shop a day later.

  6. Yes we can donate..koma too much drug pilfering in our hospitals,besides,tikadwala mumatipanga mwano as if u own these hell..

  7. No Funding in Malawi for anything will ever makeup for anything cos since 1994, 80% of every Funding endup in Personal Bank Accounts.

  8. The government needs to budget for this. Then people should just go to private hospitals. Kamuzu managed very well in all ministries. Where is the taxpayers money budgetd for health. This is no sense.

  9. Kod mbomamo akutsogolela ndi amisala okha okha?ngat boma lilibe ndalama Nde munthu aitenga kuti? KO’d zija mukumalengeza kut maiko akunja athandiza mwakut zikupita kuti?,ngakhale mnyumba sindinamvepo bambo akuza mwana kuti uzigula ndiwo ine zikundivuta.

    • Koma pammemo osasonkha samadya. You should be responsible for your medical bills and your children too to be a real man my brother

    • Brother I do go to private clinic not that no sense or atakhazikisa compasory its better I stay away from Malawi with my family, ndisonkhe aziotcha mankhwala sindingapange zobwerera mbuyozo,panu anthu kumuzi akuvutika kale ndi xul fund Nde mubwereseso hospital fund,osachepesa salary ya mp ndi ma PS bwanj ngatid muli ndimtima othandiza amalawi ovutika,Sory brother its not ur massage koma uthenga upite kwa omwe ukukonza kutero,am saying no big it will not happen Jim

  10. To contribute to hospitals or politicians? Malawians already contribute,taxes ,feeding themselves when admitted and no drugs,we’re told to buy drugs from stores yet announce budget to ministry of healthy who is using those us halfway of what you’ve done currently then we take it from there.

  11. Kumeneko ndiye kuganiza mopepela, misonkho yokwera yomwe tikupereka ikugwila ntchito yanji? Mukufunanso njila zina zobera ndalama zaanthu eti ? Shatapuuuu

  12. With some hospitals in the country burning drugs valued to the tune of 118 million, that doesn’t make sense! Let people enjoy their hard earned money for they have been exploited for a long time. Govt can no longer be trusted. #Enough-is-enough.

  13. We are used to free everything bwana we don’t know what it cost to run a hospital !! Therefore we keep on complaining kulibe mankhwala kulibe blood lol!

  14. To me we donate through taxes …if you tell me the tax money is channelled to many projects, I will tell you that every project in Malawi is funded by international organizations…even workshops are funded …aa ine ndatopano

  15. At times I feel health workers need to have a special salary scheme equal to compensate them for their hard and noble work and also to curb theft of medical supplies. Or else if we the country continues paying them peanuts, the status quo willy apply. Its a game of take it or leave it.

  16. These politicians they don’t sypathise with malawians, the way our government collect taxes and PAYE in the name of better services it doesn’t reflect anything now they wants every one to pay in hospitals. Then revise your way of deducting nsonkho so that we should pay directly . every financial year they find away of increasing sonkho % GE’s by blindfolding people. Thus why you can’t find peace ndindalama mumatibelazo.

  17. First of tackle theft of medical supplies, treatment of patients should be equal wosati poti ndi auje ndiye chithandizo msanga ayi, donations will flow into the hospital but too much segregation. Kuyendera kudziwana ndiye vuto

  18. Anthu kupereka atha kupereka koma KUBA mwanyanya mzipatalamu … dziko lidaipa ili democracy adainvaudyo a malawi moti aaaaaaaaa,, Yesu ali kufupi kubwera

  19. Maganizo abwino koma tikusowekera umuthu . Zitha kutheka athu ndikupeleka ma 50 or 20kwacha mukunenawo koma ndalamazo zikangokwana 1 million Eeeeeeeeee kuyiwala za athu odwala kuyamba ma budget amunyumba tsopano.

  20. the main problem is with them I mean healthy workers coz they do sell other resources .
    pple can do that but gonna be still like the same mulangizane osamaba zidzasintha

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