Wandale found with case to answer

Vincent Wandale

The Blantyre Principal Magistrate Court has ruled that leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale and two others should stand trial on charges of fraud.

Wandale together with Chrispin Nkhoma, Precious Lesten and Robert Kambalame are being accused of soliciting money from members of the organisation, promising them land.

Vincent Wandale
Vincent Wandale: found with case to answer

One of the complainants, Lucy Mussa disclosed that Wandale and other PLO leaders solicited money amounting to K3.7 million between 2009 and 2017.

In his ruling, principal magistrate Innocent Nedi said the suspects have a case to answer for the charge of fraud which is contrary to section 319 (a) of the penal code in Malawi.

Nedi also said Wandale is to be set for defence in the case by providing witnesses in court.

Following the ruling, the PLO leader asked the court to transfer the case to Thyolo district where he claimed he has more witnesses.

The case has been adjourned to July 31.

22 thoughts on “Wandale found with case to answer

  1. Awandale koma ngati mukufuna Ku tchuka mufela manja mwa anthu tu inu kodi mulibe zochita zina zomwe zingamatukule moyo wanu ?

  2. leave the man why govt is not listening indeed pepole of thyolo have no place to cultivate ,mind you the president himself is from thyoloo and heknows how terrible size one holds in the beautiful district of thyoloo wherebtea estattes took away everything

  3. This Wandale guy is fighting for land. Is grabbing land a solution to the problem? We should start with population management first and then tackle issues of land.In Malawi now we need radical approach to population management. We need policies that will stop this exponential grow of our population. We can grab land now and in ten years will fighting each other again on land issues. The only way out now is radical policies to population management.

  4. Komatu Wandale akuchita zokomera mzika za Malawi iye kukakhala ku ndende simudziwa mkwiyo wa anthu omusatira iye.Muzapangitsa akaidi onse kutuluka,ali maiko ena ichi nchiyambi chankhondo yapachiweniweni.OK if it means going to jail bcz of telling people to take back their land let it be Wandale is not scared of that the community ‘ll follow him why oppressing innocent man while billions of our tax money are being thieved by corrupt big stomach leaders who r seen freely enjoying amidst the stupidity of their poor governance n the beyond recognition of the kwacha’s devaluation. Lets go on …….. One day Malawi ‘ll ……. I love u all ‘ve a good wkend I Love my Malawi

  5. kamwana kameneka kamangeni kakafele kundende ndi mbava yaikulu imenei,,,,,,,poyamba anali wabwino but since anayamba kulandila ndlama Ku mcp Ndi PAC anayamba kuba,,how can he demand 50000 kwa aliyese ofuna malo??? Akafele Ku ndende

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