Malawians asked to monitor CDF

Gift Trapence

People in the country have been urged to take a key role in monitoring the implementation of projects under Local Development Fund (LDF) and Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to ensure transparency and accountability.

The call has been made by Centre for Development of People (CEDEP) while commenting on reports of misappropriation of CDF by legislators.

Gift Trapence
Gift Trapence: voters should monitor CDF

The organisation’s executive director Gift Trapence said it is very important that people in the country should show interest in issues to do with CDF and LDF budget allocations considering that it is their responsibility.

He said traditional leaders among others are supposed to be at the forefront ensuring that there is transparency and accountability during implementation of projects.

“Voters and traditional leaders have responsibility to ensure that their members of parliament and councillors are using funds in a transparent manner,” Trapence explained.

He emphasized that development projects can move forward if cooperation of people in the country or constituency is good.

Trapence therefore asked Malawians more especially those in authority to practice transparency and accountability and also to be responsible when handling CDF and LDF.

Minister of finance Goodall Gondwe told Parliament last week that funds amounting to K80 million allocated for CDF and District Development Fund were misappropriated during implementation of the previous budget.



  1. CDF is just eñriching the elite…come on seriously if it were an individual to build a school block where bricks and sand is freely provided by locals,i dont think is could go up to 15million?it theft at its best

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